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Grief timeline???

Is it possible to still be in a deep state of grief almost six years after losing my mother.  I am 53 and saw or spoke to her almost every day of my life.  Any imput would be appreciated.
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Definitely.  This is a great loss for us because I think subconciencely (Sp?) we think mom will always be here.  We always want to share so much with them and know that they are a true, if not the only constant in our life.  They always support us, and are there for us.  I lost my mom when I was 25 and it was so hard to imagine never seeing her again.  What helped me was therapy and medication,  I think you need to seek help as well.  I would see a psychiatrist, you may need medication to get you out of that dark place in depression, sometimes things are just too big for us to handle on our own.  With medication you can get your life back, and know happiness again.  As a mother I can tell you that this is what I want most for my children when I go, I want them to carry on my memory thru happiness.  This is what your mother would want as well.  I'm sure you have lots of wonderful memories of her, why not start journaling your memories and feeling?  I wrote letters to my son when I lost him, putting our feelings down on paper truly helps us.  Write letters to your mom, I'm sure she will hear what you write, and what a wonderful tribute to her!  She wants you to live a happy life, I know it so hard, but with help you can do this.  If you ever want to talk, I'm here.
Big hugs to you and take care.  
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You will always grieve the loss of your Mom. It being six years should be time to learn how to cope with the loss.  Again, always have the grief, but there are ways to learn how to go on with life. My Momma, I am the baby but spent more time over the years have spent the most time with her. I was with her lots and at the end, Feb this year I was the child that was with her at the hospice. It hurts, beyond what I thought it could hurt.  I am 54. I have gone for grief counselling and it has been helpful. My psych has helped me .
The firsts are aweful, her birthday, their 60th anniversary and other milestones. I am not back in life as of yet, partly because of losing Momma but also with other things that have gone on including my depression.
Please reach out to others, church counsel and begin to find new ways to live without the physical presence of your Mom. I made a room in the house for my Mom and Dad with pictures and have memories like jewelry and clothing of hers. Good luck.  God bless your journey.
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