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Grieving someone who is still alive?

I lost touch with someone close to me about six months ago. Because of the nature of the relationship, I can't keep touch with him. I told him to contact me when he could, but he could not say either way.

I can't live in the despair of the impossible that I'll never see him again. I might not, but I truly believe I will.

I accept the dynamic has changed and I have no control over things, but I'm still sad. My friends say its grief.

Is it? And is it insulting to those who have lost loved ones to death? I don't have a mother or grandparents; they're gone, and even though my dad is alive, it's like he died with mom.

I can get my head around that grief, but I don't know how to reconcile this situation.  


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You can grieve anything: a death, a situation, a loss of some other nature.  It's quite possible and not an insult at all.
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Hey mtinkitten.
Welcome to the forum

Establishing inner balance is key to effectively deal with the emotions from separation, which is similar to death, as it is a loss, albeit not final in your situation, with an element of hope perhaps.

You may want to consider counselling, to achieve this under the guidance of a professional, who has experience in this field.

Last year I experienced, the sudden loss of my younger brother
and a few months later the loss of my mom. It was difficult to deal with
the grief, however, my Spirituality, helped me through this challenging
time of my life. Daily Meditation and Prayer gave me the Inner Strength
to seek Understanding and find Peace within my Soul.
Also, I continued my daily Lessons in "A Course In Miracles"
(it's free online) and interestingly enough, it seemed that the right
words kept coming out of my mouth, when I was consoling my dad,
who was just devastated with the two deaths of his loved ones.
It was then, that I realized that being able to bring my Dad to a place of Peace and Acceptance, was indeed a Miracle!

Pray, Meditate, reach out and connect with friends, spend time in nature,
and always remember, you are NEVER alone, unless you choose to be.

Love and Hugs!
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hi..losing somebody no matter what is a process of grieving for that person...if you dont mind me asking,although personal why is it your out of his life now?
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