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I'm 42, my husband is 62, I'm terrified!!

I lost my only child only 6 months ago, he was 21. Died from a gunshot to the head, while I was in the next room. I found him....My heart is shattered, and I'm told I have p.t.s.d.  So this is a bad time for many reasons, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I am so sorry about your son. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through.

I am not sure you posted in the correct forum for support.  This is for ladies whom are over 35 and pregnant.  I just don't know how much support will be available here.

Prayers for you for strength and peacd.
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I feel your pain I lost my 4 year old daughter she was hit by a car in my drive way :/ my anxiety has been so bad since she passed it's unreal and to make it all worse she was hit on Christmas day 2016 :( o miss her sooooooooooooooo much
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The pain you must be feeling is probably unbearable. I can understand the stress and the heartache this must be causing. I would advice for you to seek some type of counseling to assist with your grief. But if you are not open to that maybe even just to find a support group. If neither of these are your type of help then you might want to try to find peace in other forms.

This must be hard on you but you can use it to help others that are going through something similar. If there is anything that someone else can learn from this or take from your situation to keep it from happening to them. Let that be your drive to keep going and provide education and support to those that are going through something similar or to help prevent something similar from happening.

I really do believe that sometimes from the worst situations in our lives, the best of us can be put forth. My uncle was addict to heroin, and then became addict to methodone what the state considers a better alternative. My mom watched him suffer as his liver failed on him because of scerlosis from all the drug use. She has used that to try to educate others on how methodone is not a better solution for a heroin addict. I wont go into the details of why. But my point is that watching her brother pass away in the manner he did, made her realize that others should never have to endure that same pain. I know that turning this negative into a positive for her has helped her with the grief. While she will never be complete over it, at least it makes it easier on her.

I truly am sorry to hear of your loss and pray that you do find ways to find some type of peace within this storm you are going through.
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Are you terrified about the difference in yours and your husband's age???? Ifso, Why? Why is this such a difficult time ( besides the death of your son- I lost my baby boy of 17 years old the same way 3/30/2016) What kind of advice are you looking for?

From one mom who's lost a son to suicide--- it does get better with time, slowly- but never forget him and all he loved, all the good times, as long as you keep that in your heart he's never really gone. Blessed be my friend.
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Im very sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.  If you have ptsd i really hope youre trying to see a therapist. I would advice you to try and take things slow, take baby steps with the process. the most important thing is you give yourself enough time to heal, and take care of yourself. Know that healing is not linear, sometimes you make progress sometimes you dont, but eventually the pain will become more bareable. Once again, sorry for your loss. May you have the strength you need to overcome this.
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