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The worst feeling in my life on Sept 23 I went into early labor. I was so scared. I was already told that my little boy was going to have down syndrome. Just before midnight my boy came out, my husband and i crying knowing the worst was about to happen. Our little boy went to heaven God I am in so much pain. We got to hold him and kiss him and look at his beautiful face, he had a little smile on his face. I can't get his face out of my mind . Just wondering did I do the right thing by seeing him, My hearts aches so much
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I am so very, very sorry for your loss.  I think seeing his face was the right thing to do.  He is your son, and always will be....but now, he is also your angel in heaven who will watch over you.  No one knows why God does the things he does, but it is all in his plan.  There is a reason that your son was taken to heaven...although we, here on earth do not understand.  Just trust in Him and know that one day you will hold him again.  Until then, live your life to the fullest and after your grieving is over (I am sure, a lot of time) know that you will smile again.  My prayers are with you.
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sorry for your lost i def think it was the right thing to do. i lost twins at 21 wks in march 08 and i saw the first baby but could bring myself to see the other baby i was in so much pain and i regret it deeply to this day.
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Someday the pain of seeing him will turn in to your most treasured memories. I am so sorry for your loss.
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I too saw my son.  They even gave me pictures.  I treasure them,,  I wil get his ashes soon..  I want him to be with me..  I don;t know how I will get through this day.  hour by hour.   I keep wondering what I did...  but I know nothing would of prevented it..  good luck with your day..  
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I am so very sorry for your loss, i found it easier to except everything as a normal birth, my son was born at 22 weeks he was so very tinny but the best memories i have are holding him seeing his arms and legs move, we got to bath and dress him in tinny clothes a friend man especially to suit his size. i still have those memories and it still helps me 4yrs later, i even had a dvd taken to cherish those memories. In time you will know you made the right choise :)
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of course you did the right thing hun,he was your little boy,im so sorry for your loss,your in my thoughts and prayers god bless
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when i delivered my daughter and she passed, i told myself i didn't want to get too attached to her, or i'd throw myself out the hospital window, but my sister convinced me that if i didn't spend as much time with her as i can, i'd regret it. i tried to spend as much time as i could with her, but i wished i could have had more time.

you did the right thing. imagine if you hadn't, would it have made healing better?
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I too lost my daughter shortly after birth and i still to this day wonder if i done the right thing by holding her. It made it so much harder to say goodbye and especially hard to leave the hospital knowing i wasnt coming home with my little girl after going through the pregnancy then labor and delivery.
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