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liver failure by hep c final stages HELP

my mother was diagnosed with hep c/cirrhosis 4years ago. she was 52. they believe she contracted hep c vis blood transfusion in the 70's. She found out she had hepc because she felt funny. So they ran numerous tests. By the time they found out she had hepc, cirrhosis began. she is currently in the final stages. she has been in the final stages the past year. interferon almost killed her. Her body couldnt handle it.  the past year she has had fluid build up, confusion due to fluid build up, huge belly from the fluid, sleeps alot, days & nights are flip flopped. Recently, shes emaciated, no balance, uses a walker, gets "tapped" (fluid removed every other week), water on brain (is taking meds for this), and is taking meds for removal of ammonia (laxative?) her kidneys are currently affected. Thats what I know. Shes home. In bed. she has one day a week where she feels ok to shower. Then she goes back to bed. this "lingering" state has been going on for months. doctors say she should have been dead a year ago.  My question is "how long will this last for?"  Any thoughts are truly appreciated....................................
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In addition, my mother continues to have the "flare ups" of hep c during her final stages. The symptoms (in addition to whats listed above) are sores, itchy skin (from toxins) hair loss, fever (sometimes infection) and flu like symptoms. oh,, her body does produce any white blood cells or red blood cells (she takes meds for that as well) she also has no immunity. she cannot be around grandchildren. not sure if i was clear or not my moms cirrhosis is caused by the hep c which are the last stages.

i understand she'll eventually go into a coma but has anyone else had a similar experience??????? Its so difficult to have her linger. I cant mourn I cant heal. I cannot move on. Its torture watching my mother suffer. Its been a year. a continuous nightmare.
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i have c o p d  emphasema stage4 and hepc  cirrhociss and portal hypertension my concern is i sleep all the time. and i  so bloated  and i cant even wear a bra cuz  i icant breath.its 230 in the morning because im  so miserable  from being  so bloated. i bruise so easly  im on oxegen24/7  breathing  treatments every 2 houirs . i had pnemuna5 times i feel these are my last days . now i drink cuz im so depressed.
what  are my changes my kidneys  wont fail?
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Honey I see that no-one wrote back to you, and you wrote this in jan so I don't even know if you will see this? Honey,I am 63 yrs old have Chirossis, hep C COPD and just got out (yesterday( from the ER for a asthma attack, i ran out of Albuterol, and needed Pnedisone, I FEEL yourpain I am still in denial you might say, they told me in 2002 my Hep C was cronic and I had "early" Chirossis...but they still say it's "early" The interferon made me so sick(2 times) I tried, now they are going to put me on another "trial" drug i suppose.??Please dear i know how you feel, we feel that there is NO hope left that this is a horrible fate, and nobody cares or understands. Please write to me.... Cathy
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