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my dads 1 year anniversry since commiting suicide..

My name is Whitney Last year April 24 2009 was the worst day of my life. My dad Committed suicide. He shot himself in the head... Now that its almost been a year i still cant sleep all i think about is "Why".. How do i deal with the 1 year anniversary when i cant even deal with this day by day..?
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I'm very sorry for your loss and my Dad did the samething when I was in 8th grade so I can relate.Be greatful for the time you did have with him.He was in emotional pain,he couldn't be any happier now!He is still with you in spirit.Think about how he would want you to be happy and continue living.Its not your time yet! God still has lessons for you to learn here,before you grow to heaven and living really begins.In the meantime have fun,be happy,and spiritually grow.And sweetie even though you don't see your Dad he'll be right there with you!Do something special,such as letting balloons go,your angel(Dad) will get them.No one can ever take away your memories of the times you shared together.Make him proud,show him you can overcome this.It doesn't mean you love him any less,it just means he taught you how to be a strong woman.Go light a candle and say a prayer,include a prayer to God to help you be the person you once were and can be again.I strongly recommend writing in a journal.I hope you've been doing that! Take care & God Bless,Jen
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I'm so very sorry on the tragic passing of your father and the first year anniversary is sooo very difficult. I recommend that you take some quite time for yourself. I went to visit my mother every first anything and it was a very dark time for me. On my birthday, I fell on my knees right on top of her grave with grief. It's important to talk about your feelings, but there is really no way around the pain of loss. Honor his memory, by simply living life as productive, good person. I also have very strong faith in God and He is a loving, merciful, forgiving God and will take care of your father. You can offer a mass in his memory on special dates (these are graces on his soul and blessing for the person who dedicated them), take flowers and most of all forgive  your father, because he didn't realize what he was doing. Forgive him, honor his memory and take some quite time to reflect. It will help. stay strong and we are here for you when you just want to talk.
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also, thank you for sharing the wonderful photo of you and your dad. It's  beautiful and a wonderful memory. Keep him where no one can take him away from you....your heart. Hugs, Judy.
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