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Anyone getting anxious in the 3rd trimester?

I don't know if I am crazy or what but just counting down the weeks till birth.  I think I'm nesting like crazy and using my spare time to rest but also get things ready.  How is everyone else doing?  

My sleep is sporadic, my heartburn is a daily occurrence and braxton hicks are definitely making their presence known too :)
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This is something we talk about daily in my home! I have been getting so anxious. I was just saying that I feel like I have pms too with mood swings that range from weepy to angry in seconds.

BH for sure and I feel like the baby dropped because I can breath easier, but find myself running to the bathroom every 30 minutes.
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WIth the painful BH that wake me up, I would for sure be running to the hospital if this was my first pregnancy :)  All the aching and sporatic pain in the hoo hoo makes me nervous.  I'm still a month from my due date but my last one came 13 days early. My section in 3 weeks from this Friday. I'm excited and ready for a 3 day in the hospital by myself, ha ha!!
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I believe I am starting to enter my nesting phase as well.  I won't really be in my 3rd trimester for another 2 weeks when I am 28 weeks but I am definitely feeling anxious.  I am so glad that I was able to go to Burlington Coat Factory and put the crib and car seat I wanted into layaway before they sold out.  I figure while I am still getting my full paycheck that I better get all of the bigger ticket items I need before I run out of time.  Remember I still have four other children to think about.  Three out four will be going back to school in about 2 1/2 weeks and I still need to get the rest of the school supplies, clothes, coats, shoes, and boots together for them.  I still have to start putting Christmas gifts in layaway because my son is due November 17th, and make sure that all bills are not being neglected.  All I can say is that I make smaller tangible lists and work my way from there.
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Well Im just trying to make it 3 more weeks and then Im going to be happy to do whatever is nec to have this baby!

Im sooo tired, I also have 3 other kids 1 in school another who will be 5 in march and a 3 yro soooo I cant wait for her to be here in sept

I am just big and hot, heartburn, dizzy spells and a whole slew of other stuff that I am just done with!

At least its my last one and I cant wait to hold her in my arms and kiss her!!!
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well am always tired, I pack both of our bags am a little nervous but at the same time ready for anything but hoping  to make it to the next 2-3 weeks. having on and off contraction every now and the midwife said its just my body getting ready for the really thing. Dh havnt put up the crib yet says he's waiting untill am in the hospital.
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So glad to see all of you post, I thought I was going out of my own head, lol

Yes I am back to urinating more frequently and waking up at night.  I have heartburn nightly but I do think the baby has dropped some.  Getting stronger BH too.

I think I need to start painting the room and getting it clean, this last 7 weeks or so will be going quick.  Hard definitely with fatigue kicking in too.  Thanks for your posts I really do love reading this.
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I've had a rocky third trimester.  Went in for a routine doctors appointment at 29 weeks and was sent to the hospital for three days with preterm labor.  They put me on Magnesium to stop the contractions (which were coming 2-4 minutes apart) and weened me off after 2.5 days.  Now I'm on Procardia every 6 hours to keep the contractions from coming back.

Also found out I have Gestational Diabetes.  Had to take the 2 hour class last week (after being on bed rest 11 weeks).  Got home and had back to back contractions for almost two hours.  Luckily water and rest helped that.

So needless to say, I'm counting down to the safe zone when I can give birth to our LO.  It can't come fast enough!
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Poor thing how frustrating!  Definitely keep us posted on how you are feeling and how things are progressing.

We are at 35 weeks now.  Been having contractions throughout the day.  Some are pretty strong but I am just learning to either sit down and rest when they get too be strong or just drink some water and that does help.

I'm hoping to get back into exercising more this week to maybe help with some of the fatigue.
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Today is due date - definitely anxious and excited!
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omg JoyRenee I had no idea your date was already there, please keep us updated!!! :D
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I am now 32\33 weeks and my dr told me Monday that she doesn't see me making it to 36 weeks. That I have to make it to 34 weeks so I am now on bedrest. We would rather make it to 36 or full term and she said he may suprise us and go full term but she doesn't think so. I am trying really hard to do this since I have other little ones at home and I am also in my nesting phase. So its driving me crazy not being able to do anything. I've been having contractions,painful ones, even while on bedrest. Plus I still haven't gained any weight. Actually weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant?! Plus my vomiting has returned its at least twice a day. So just a lot going on. Sorry didn't mean to vent so much. Just so upset.
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poor thing hang in there!  I just gave birth on the 4th, but was in labor since October 3rd at 4:30am.  Now I am enjoying my little one, so everything is worth the wait :)
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