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Anyone having trouble sleeping and getting comfortable?

These past few weeks have been challenging with sleeping.  Anyone having trouble sleeping and getting comfortable?  What are some tips you are using to get the sleep you need?
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The last couple of weeks, I can't sleep longer than a couple hours at a time, because every time I roll over, I have to get up to pee.  Baby girl loves to pound on my bladder I guess.  My pelvic joints are sore, too.  But, I have noticed that if I keep my legs together when rolling over or getting out of bed, it doesn't hurt near as bad.  2 1/2 weeks to go - can't get here soon enough - as far as the aches and pains go!  Now, I have to get the rest of the house ready - LOL
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Yes I am problems sleeping through the night.  I can not get comfortable for the life of me.  I end up tossing and turning all night.
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I am having problems sleeping too! I have found that laying on my side with a pillow between the knees helps a little sometimes lol...Also I'm a belly sleeper so it doesn't help that my belly is tender anyway, so i lay partially on my belly with a pillow under one knee to prop me up a little..The best solution I have found so far is to put extra pillows under my head to prop me up, or pillows propping my feet up...Pillows have become my best friend LOL....I hope it gets a little better for you guys soon!
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I always have to laugh you think we should be able to catch up on sleep before the baby gets here and instead it's like we are being trained for their baby wake up schedule.

My little one last night was having a party until 3am.  Finally I got to sleep.  Of course when I am up this late, then I get hungry so I have to have a little snack and then I can lay down.

Turning is literally a hilarious event.  Mine is using my bladder as a punching bag :)

OMG angela418 you are soooo close, keep us updated on you!!!
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Trouble sleeping is an understatement! Sometimes I feel like rotisserie chicken the way I toss and turn just to get comfortable. Lack of sleep and stress at work is draining me, but it will be alright because in a couple of weeks I will be holding my baby girl in my arms (maybe not a couple of weeks, but it sounds better). LOL
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the only way to fall asleep is if am sleping on my back but when I wake up my lower back would be killing me..if I lay on my sides the baby wont let me sleep cause he will be right there moving..
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Not so much trouble getting comfortable but the leg cramps are waking me up at all hours of the night.
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I think I recall leg cramps being a sign that you need more calcium.  Are you taking any supplements or prenatals?

omg Cookee83 you are close to being done too!!!
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I can not seem to stay comfortable or sleep the way I need to.  I find myself moving several different time during the day and night to find a comfortable spot, and then I what seems like a few minutes later, I need to move again to find another comfortable spot.  This only started this weeks though and I still have about 23weeks left to go.
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Don't feel bad Neisha82 I have my good nights and I have my sleepless ones, last night was one of my sleepless ones.  I just couldn't get comfortable or I was too hot.  So I definitely know how you feel :)
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I am the same way...I'm 17 weeks and just can't seem to find a comfortable position! If I sleep on my back my back and hips hurt in the morning, laying on my sides is so uncomfortable too...I am normally a belly sleeper and I just can't do that either, too much pressure just really bothers me....My husbands recliner has become my best friend right now LOL, I just hope that soon I can find a suitable position so I can get back in my comfy bed! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and tried lol.....Good luck ladies, I just tell myself that with all the twings and twangs of pregnancy are so worth it when you get to hold that beautiful baby in your arms!
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Every night is different, I know it does help if I wait until our little one goes through their little playtime and then I lay down.  Sometimes I am too tired of course, but I end up getting thumped if I am in a bad position if I go to sleep when they are active.
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Can't sleep either, I am 34 weeks and tummy is big, have to turn lots and lots and go to pee...feeling very hot nowadays to drinking more water and hence more pee.....have to adjust so many times...also I see food sometimes in my sleep or after I go to pee...and becoz of that I cant sleep...everybody says u shud sleep lot more...but I really cant..it seems that I hv to do so many things before baby comes...
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I know what you mean with feeling like you have to get so much done.  I have about 3 months left and I feel that way too.  There is so much I want to take care of before the baby gets here.  My mind is racing indeed.
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Ok, I am 23+1 and I have a lot of pressure when I lay down. I know baby is laying low, has been since around 12 weeks, but now it just feels like baby is constantly laying on my cervix during the night. I can't move around because it causes a lot of pain, and when I wake up in the morning I have to lay in bed for like 40 min trying to get baby to move up the tiniest bit just so I can get up...Anyone have any suggestions on sleep positions to keep the baby up a bit so I don't have so much pain???
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I carry low too and I don't really know of any solutions.  I do have a spot in my ribcage where they get wedged and its a sore spot that I rub and then they readjust themselves.  You may want to try to some yoga positions to help with positioning or stretching.  I believe the "cat pose" is supposed to help when you are on your hands and knees and arch your back up like a cat and do a few repetitions.  Keep us posted, my sleep last night was literally horrible.  I was up till 5 am with our little one doing aerobics for a 4 hr stretch.
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Thank you, I will try the cat pose, couldn't hurt to try and see if it helps! I'm sorry you had a bad night, hopefully it will get better...
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the last two nights I have gotten some sleep so that has been so great.  Heartburn still is an issue but laying off of fried foods or certain triggers is helping out a lot.  Keep us posted on your baby's position :D
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My husband should videotape me trying to roll over. It's comical, truly! I also have a form of SPD (Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction) called diastasis symphysis pubis in which your pubic bones are disjointed and it's very painful. It happens to women during pregnancy and seeing a chiropractor is always a great idea if you have it. Some peoples' comments made me wonder if they also have it. Your OB will dismiss it but a chiro will help you with it if they're properly trained!

More information on it:
While your legs won't actually fall off (promise), it may seem like they're going in opposite directions from each other (and the rest of your body). Walking, standing, or rolling over in bed can really hurt as one side of the joint shifts more than the other, throwing everything off-kilter. In very rare cases, the joint may gape apart noticeably, a condition called diastasis symphysis pubis, which can cause serious pain in your pelvis, groin, hips, and buttocks (truly, a pain in the rear!).
What to do about symphysis pubic dysfunction during pregnancy

Try stabilizing those floppy ligaments by wearing a pelvic support belt (readily available online), which "corsets" the pelvic bones back into place during pregnancy. More tactics to try: Sit down to get dressed, and avoid heavy lifting and pushing (which you should be doing anyway).
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Well today we are about 37 weeks and 2 days and I am waddling with contractions, yes rolling over or even getting up in bed has become a comical event.  The end of pregnancy is quite hilarious because you have trouble bending over, shaving your legs and putting on your own shoes... I have succumb to my flip-flops lol
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