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Do you know what position your baby is in?

I always find it fun to guess what position your baby is in before birth.  Here are a few tips to determine it on your own:


We started out breech but just switched into the anterior position where the head is down.  I have a little foot or leg kicking at my ribs.  Be sure to post your baby's position :)
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So far in all my ultrasounds he has been head down, But in the last two days as I walk he has been doing summersults or playing hockey or something in there so I am not sure lol..  

But last night I could tell he had hiccups on the lower part of me so it seems he still might be head down according to the article.  
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I am so waiting for the hiccups to occur again, I think the other night they shifted so I have been patiently waiting for those hiccups to let me know what position they are in again.  It's amazing how they can feel like they have 8 arms and legs!
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