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Do you write up a birth plan for your labor?

Having the birth you want is very important, some hospitals require a birth plan be submitted prior or during registration.  Would love to hear from everyone on this.
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We did not do a birth plan. On our registration form it asked us and i said to go with the flow. I didn't want to be disappointed if things didn't go as I "planned" I said I would get meds if I needed them, would try to have a vaginal delivery but if I has to have a c-section inwould be ok. The hospital actuaaly really appreciated that. My nurse said they see som many people who have concrete plans on their minds and are disappointed when they need to get meds or surgery.
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just going with the flow
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All I want is an epidural lolololol
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I did a birth plan with my first and they didn't follow it at all so it just made me mad. With my second we just rolled with the punches and our plan that we had talked about kind of went out the window anyways. So no birth plan with #3 I think it's easier to just be prepared and educated that way you can make decisions as they come up.
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I have a partial birth plan you can kind of say.  I found something online, I was looking because I was curious.  It asked some stuff like who I want in the room with me and if I want bonding time.  I filled that part out.  But for the epidural and stuff I know to play it by ear because there might not be time.  
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I just winged it cause both of my deliveries were so different and didn't want to be disappointed if it didn't go to plan.
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I never wrote up a birth plan with any of mine! I just discussed with my doctor the big things that I wanted and didn't want and she listened pretty good! It's a new doc this time so I'm hoping she listens as well....As long as they talk to me and tell me everything that's going on so I can tell them yes or No, that's all  I want....
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I have never had to do a birth plan, and that was mostly because I heard hospitals really don't follow those, etc.  But this hospital in particular requests one so that is why I was doing some research.  So we will see what happens, lol  I cannot believe we are almost in the 3rd trimester!
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I hadn't even heard of a birth plan before.  My first pregnancy I was asked during the tour who I wanted in the room and if I wanted drugs.  That was it.  I apparently was a little wet behind the ears because I thought I couldn't keep my child over night while I was sleeping and this hospital expected me to keep her over night.  I also felt like I was a burden and never asked for help.  Well, I got news for them this time around.  I am going to push that button if I need something and I am going to tell them what I want instead of them telling me how things are done.  I felt like a complete idiot in there and I don't want to feel like that again, I want to enjoy my stay and the baby.
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Nothing drives me more nuts than having to stay in a hospital for a night.  I literally hate that aspect because they don't let you sleep, and they are constantly trying to take the baby out of the room.  I always make sure my husband is by my side.  This is where his role is the strongest because we do not allow them to take the baby out of our sight.

**Again this is our personal decision as we do not have vaccinations performed, etc. and even though we express this and sign the waivers, we still have several people attempt to perform the tests by taking the baby away.  So even for the hearing tests and some of the standard tests, my husband goes with them.

This will be literally be my first birth plan too that I have written.
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