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How do you plan on giving birth?

I watched a really good documentary last night that was called "The Business of Being Born"


Some of the statistics are quite astonishing.  If you have NetFlix you can watch it for free on your game console or online.

I wanted to start the discussion here to see what you want personally for your child's birth.  If you have had multiple births too feel free to discuss some of what you liked about your prior births or what you would change this time around.
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At least I am going to try to do natural birth this time.  With my daughter, 11yrs ago, I had drugs, but she still end up being born natural because she was 29hrs. of labor and I had ran out of medication before she was born.  Unfortunately it was also shift change which is why I did not receive anymore drugs before it was time to deliver.  My son, who is now 3yrs. old, I had also received drugs but he came out not even 2 seconds after putting the needle in my back.  Labor wasn't even 20 minutes.  In fact I was told that medication kicked in when he was half way out and the doctor had to pull him out the rest of the way.
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I am going to just see how the timing goes.  Because my family tends to have short labors and some don't have time for drugs even though they want them.  I am just going to trust my doctor.  So far he is great and truthful.  And has been listening tentively to my concerns and questions.  
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I have had 5 previous births and with 3 of 5 all I had was one dose of IV meds, the last 2 were the longest labors and I had no meds at all for them....I am looking forward to having this next baby with no meds at all if possible, I know that things change and sometimes its necessary to have that little bit of a break, so we will see how it goes! I know for certain tho that there will NOT be an epidural, needles scare me anyway and just the thought of having that big needle stuck into my back is not an option! I have come to realize the more freedom you have to move around, walk, change positions, the better because you can find a position to help you be more comfortable during contractions.....Good luck everyone!
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Well I'm looking forward to getting my epidural. I have had two previous births and I had an epidural with both. I think I'm the only one on here that is wanting meds. I'm scared of pain (I'm a chicken) and I give much respect to women who have natural births. With my epidurals labor (if I should call it LABOR) went perfect. I went in that morning at around 5 or 6 am and my boys were here by 10:00 am. I still got to feel when my baby came out without the pain. I am really looking forward to a little ***** in the back compared to hours of contractions, but again I say I commend all women that have natural births.
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I love hearing everyone's plans.  I really want to have a lot more control over my birth this time.  I have had both of mine natural before.  But I always want to be squatting and they always have me laying down.  So we will see what happens.  I don't like to have anything at all.  I don't even want an IV hookup because it annoys me when I am in labor.  It's very challenging to find a medical professional that will allow you this freedom, so definitely will be interesting to see how this works for us this time.

Regardless of method I think all of our goals are the same, have a healthy baby and healthy birth for both mom and child. :D
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I'd love to go in to labor on my own and see how the contractions progress and then get the option to decide if I am going to take an epidural.  However, that didn't happen with my son, as I was induced at 40w4d and will be induced in 2 days at 40w4d with my daughter.  

I suppose when choosing a medical professional, I knew up front that they didn't go past 41 weeks, and if that happened to be on a weekend, like in my case, then they go a little earlier.  These will most likely be my only 2 children and childbirths, and it does sadden me a bit that I probably won't have the opportunity to try labor on my own.  

I am not saying that inducing is bad, it went wonderfully with my son - we got to the hospital by 7am, hooked up to pitocin by 7:30.  Contractions got strong and painful at 12:30 and I got an epidural, and just after 6pm I was ready to push and he was born at 6:53PM.  However, the opportunity to let my body go in to labor naturally, was one thing I still regret and of course, with my daughter's impending birth, I am feeling the same way.  I know once she's here, it'll be just wonderful, but I do wish my doctors had given me just a little more time - though all I do now is complain that she still isn't here!  What a contradiction! :-)
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I thought the business of being born was done really well. I watched it when I was pregnant with my daughter and we ended up deciding to go natural. That plan was derailed when I had a super hard and fast labor I caved and got the epidural when I was in transition. Did the same thing with my son epidural right before it was time to push.

This time around I think I might go natural just because of how quick my labors are, but if I get the chance I'll get the epidural again! I only had one dose of meds with my dd and could still feel enough to keep my legs back and push her out in two pushes. That was ideal and I would love to do the exact same thing.

After watching that show I felt lucky to have preterm labor problems because I go into labor on my own and it doesn't last for days on end needing medical intervention. Heck the drs hardly have time to get into scrubs. From the first contraction that I can't talk through to the last is only about 3 hours.
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NicMom that's awesome about the quick labors.  I am an herb freak so with my first child I took Squaw Vine and added it to my raspberry leaf tea a couple of weeks before my due date.  This herb is what American Indians used to help aid the mother in labor.  My labor was pretty straight forward, water broke at 8am and baby was flying out at 1pm.

With my 2nd one I did not take the herbs and I had a long labor.  So this time I going to start taking the herbs before it's time again to see if it has an impact again.

For me I feel like I am preparing for a marathon with my births.
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I have never heard of Squaw Vine, according to my doctor my baby will be extremely large when she is born. He's planning on inducing on the 30th of June. He told me to walk and stay active as much as possible because she might come on her own since she's already head down and very low. I want to try something xtra to speed things up, but I'm scared to. I don't want her to come too early but I don't want her to way 12 pounds either. I told my doctor that I tore with my 7 pound boys and he's going to have to reconstruct me a new one (down there) if I have to push out a 10 - 11 pound baby. (LOL) He just laughed and said that I would be alright.
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I am so apprehensive about the weight thing and I know that has to vary with doctor etc.  There was a recent lady we knew in the family that gave birth, the doctors told her that she had to be induced because the baby was going to be 10lbs and it could drown in its fluid, etc.  Well they induced her and when the baby came out it was only 6 lbs and some ounces.  But when I was recently looked at the baby weighed 14 oz. which was pretty spot on for the time.

So I don't know if she just went to some different doctor that was off in the weight measurement or what.

Ok as far as speeding up labor, they always say Black Cohosh--- but I thought those were horrible :(  I couldn't even keep the herb tablets down my stomach for them to work.  It made me sick right away.  Squaw vine was a bitter tea, but I added it to my other teas and just swigged it down.  I didn't go too early or anything with it, just it helped me have a quick labor.

Another side note, I always hate how they want you to lay down during birth.  That's actually one of the worst positions for a woman to be in.  But I understand it's the best position for the nurse's/doctors.

I just always want to squat :(  Keep us posted Cookee83 I am so excited for you!!
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epidural for me I've had 3 kids and the contractions were enough for me to know that I was not going to do it without it lol! This baby is big to they want me to go into labor about 37 weeks otherwise they are talking c-section due to issues my pelvic could cause the baby but so far my babies have come between 38-39 weeks and wieghed around 7lbs and all was good so hoping it will be the same this go round and she will come on her own around 37
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I usually go around 38-39 weeks too.  But yes I figured the baby will come when it is ready just like always lol  I'm usually walking around trying to get things moving right around then too cause you get to the point where you are so ready to give birth
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I would also like to feel some contractions and see how it feels, I would really want to experience child birth as natural as possible. I will see how far I can take it before taking epidural. But I am quite flexible, whatever is good for me and my baby...scared to C-section though.
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yea Im a bit nervous about a csection just hoping she comes on outta there before they decide thats the option! Im going to walk walk walk and sex ofcourse but not now I dont feel like doing anything but laying in the bed lol
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Hey ladies I have a question for you....I am only like 18 weeks but I am already having hopefully braxton hicks contractions!!! Is that normal? This is baby #6  and never had this before with the other 5...It's just kind of worrisome and would love to hear what your opinions are on this! Thanks
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I too am getting BH earlier than I normally do, probably about week 22 for me, but I have had 2 other pregnancies too.  I think the more children you have the earlier you feel them.  Are you drinking enough water?
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I absolutely love TBoBB. They (Ricki Lake and others) are creating an entire series of videos right now to add even more detailed information called More Business of Being Born.

I'm having this little guy at a birth center, med-free and in the water (hopefully; unless I happen to be out of the tub when pushing!). My birth center is brand-spanking new and he might be the first born there or at least one of the first few. I'm super, super excited. It was this center or a home birth but I wasn't comfortable with the home birth midwife, even though I preferred a home birth. It MATTERS who is caring for you (and your baby/babies).

Past births were all hospital births - first two I had epidurals but still have vaginal births. Third birth was with a midwife, in a hospital, but I did it without an epidural. I cannot tell you the difference in how you feel and how you recover when you go without drugs. You're more alert, your baby is more alert, there is this intense rush of hormones... it's awesome!
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I do agree I certainly think I was more alert and so was our baby, his eyes were literally open when his head came out.  I thought how amazing that is, the people at the hospital were not used to that.
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Well just to let everyone know our LO is here. He was born at 37+3 weeks and is perfect. 6lb 11oz 19 1\4 in.  Born at 833 am on 11~7~11.
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