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How far along are you in your pregnancy? Introduce yourself!

So that our other members can get to know you tell us a little bit about yourself.  Is this your first pregnancy?  How far along are you?
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This is my first pregnancy and we are excited!!! I am currently 18wks 3days...I find out what I am having on Monday...I can hardly wait!
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This is my third pregnancy. I have two handsome boys, and I'm awaiting the arrival of my little girl. I am 32 wks and 2 days. Time is winding down, but not fast enough. I am very anxious to see my little bundle of joy.
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This is my second pregnancy, my first just turned 11 2 days ago. I met my dh when he was one and although we have been trying for 9.5 years here we are! After 6.5 years with a fertility clinic, 8 medicated cycles, 4iuis one fresh ivf, 3 frozen cycles with 2 miscarriages I am HAPPILY, and THANKFULLY 32 weeks pregnant... :)!!!
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This is my second baby.  I have a 17 month old boy and I am due in 3 weeks with a little girl.  They'll be exactly 18 months apart - give or take a day or two. :-)  We are gonna be busy!  LOL
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This is my first baby. After dealing with years of pcos, uterine fibroids, a missed miscarriage, I feel blessed to get pregnant again. Am 39 weeks tomorrow, do not know whether I am having a girl or a boy, packed all kinds of baby clothes in the hospital bag and am very excited.
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this is my first pregnancy after two early miscarrages.  We feel so blessed that we are this far and all is good. We are having a boy and i am 19 weeks
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This is my 6th pregnancy, I am 42 and have 4 healthy kids 21,20, 18, and 10. I miscarried Oct last year. I am currently 13w and 5d preg :-).
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this is number 6 for me and I have 2 kids alive age 16 the boy and age 12 the girl, today at 23 weeks and 3 days
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This is my 5th pregnancy.  I have 2 children the oldest is will be 11 next month, and the youngest just turned 3 back in March.  I am currently 14 weeks and 3 days.
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This is our first child :).  As of today I am exactly 20 weeks pregnant.   We find out if we are having a boy or a girl next Saturday :)
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I love reading all the posts made so far and the journeys that each of you took to get to this special stage.

I have two boys currently, one is 8 and the other is 5.  I am in my 19th week of pregnancy and I don't know what we are having, I always like it to be a surprise.  But I think I only breed boys lol

I honestly can't believe we are almost to the half-way point in this pregnancy.  We did have a miscarriage back in October but got pregnant exactly 3 months after that.  I am very grateful for this pregnancy indeed!  I have to keep looking at the ultrasound just to make sure I am not dreaming.
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This is my first pregnancy and we are having TWINS!  I am 11 weeks tomorrow.  
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Congratulations ashleynl on the twins how beautiful!
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This is my 3rd pregnancy. The first 2 were ectopic and I had both of my tubes removed by the age of 25. I had to do IVF and I am almost 5 months pregnant with twins. I am blessed to be carrying a boy and a girl. I am so excited!!!!
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Welcome IamMrsAG!  We are so glad to have you with us.  Definitely keep us updated on your pregnancy progress.  How exciting!
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Hi All, I am 11 weeks pg on Friday.  This is my second.  My firstwill be 6 in August!  
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I am 16.4 weeks preg with my fifth. My second child will be 21 next month :-)
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Hi tryingfor1sttime815 and RmberMe69 welcome to the group we are certainly glad to have you!  If you have any ideas for topics please post them or private message me if you feel more comfortable doing that.
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Hi, I'm Kellie :)
I'm 27.4 weeks preggo with baby #4.  My oldest is 4 (girl) and I have a 3 year old boy and an 18 mo old little boy too. We choose a surprise so I don't know the gender. Due date is 9-10-11 but I will have a planned c-section. I have been a MH member since 2006
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kellym glad to have you with us!  Congratulations on your 4th pregnancy how fun you have your children spaced so close together.  Our boys are about 4 years a part, but luckily they enjoy one another's company so much.
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