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How is everyone feeling in their 3rd trimester?

Well it is here at last, the 3rd trimester!

Is anyone having trouble sleeping?  My little one is waking me at about 5 in the morning and I don't go back to sleep until hours later, if I can.

Heartburn is at a constant too.
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I have a due date of sept 24th but secretly I knew it was the 14th b/c I knew when I concieved... So you know my doc says that I measure ahead which I already knew I would and will deliver early! The only thing I didnt know was that he expects delivery even before that like around sept 3-5...she is big and developing early which is great for me cause Im ready

The sleeping is extra hard! I have my prego pillow but it doesnt help
like you said heartburn is a constant!
My Lo is up at like 11 and 12 midnight so I cant even think of slepping until she goes
Hot flashes get on my last nerve and much much more lololol

I cant wait to hold her though, everything will be worth it then!!
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My Due date is Oct 8.  I think that in the last couple days my LO has learned hockey and has decided to play every hour or so.  

I have learned not to sit forward or else my pelvis will be so sore it hurt to walk.  (That one took a week or so to figure out unfortunately).  Still hurts to walk sometimes but not every day.

Sleeping is hard and I have the pregnancy pillow and about 4 other pillows to change up for some comfort.  

I get emotional and my back is very sore and my tummy gets really sore at times.. but I completely agree.  Totally will be worth it when I am holding him. :)

Oh yeah and I am getting exhausted again.. LOL
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I'm waking up several times a night to roll over and my hips get really sore if I'm in any one position for too long. I'm getting really emotional, my nipples are starting to leak and hurt, my appetite is out of control and I'm also getting tired again. Sounds like we're all tracking along with the same symptoms!
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NicMom I read this at 4:30 in the morning when I have not been to bed yet.  I am in the same boat, I am tired, but have so much trouble sleeping.  I toss and turn, sleeping with 2 pillows under my head for the heartburn and acid reflux, then one between my legs to adjust my position.

Meanwhile our baby is going on longer periods of wake time, meaning from 12-4 now it has been up doing water aerobics.

I'm nesting like crazy, cleaning, making notes of everything we need.  Yes is sounds like we are all getting the same symptoms.  The fatigue part just kind of hit me, I went on a streak of energy and then just hit exhaust mode.
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