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Maternity Clothes

Ok I am getting so upset.  I am not thin and everywhere I go, even Old Navy (that carry plus sizes)do not carry plus size maternity..  If you are not a 12 or 14 at some places even a 10 they don't have your size.  What the crap?  
I am starting to get upset.    I am getting to a point were I need some pants because my belly is not going to fit in my pants anymore and I really want a maternity bathing suit.  I am not really big even and feel really bad for any woman bigger than me.  I am about a 16 or 18 in pants.  My shirts are a large so I don't have many problems with them.  I am bigger in the booty and thighs so ordering online is not ideal I need to try them on... :(
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I have found the pants at motherhood maternity, and walmart fit well. Also try local consignment stores! We only wear them for a few months so the consignment store clothes are really nice for dirt cheap!! I have also taken to making my own skirts because i like floor length ones and they are really hard to find!!
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I ordered some cheap pants online at Walmart so if they didn't fit I wouldn't be out of much money, but thankfully they fit.  I know it ***** finding clothes :(  I did go to some thrift stores locally and I bought some dresses that cover my big ole bootie and thighs.  Even maternity pants to me can feel uncomfortable.  I am carrying my little one so low even my underwear elastic can be uncomfortable.

I never found too much at motherhood but I do love their nursing bras.  I just have a hard time spending a certain amount of money on something I know I only have months left to wear.  But at the same time I want to feel better about myself during a time when my body is getting large and in charge.  So the thrift store really helped with some cheap style.

And I was able to try some things on too which really helped.  Keep us posted on what you find, I know other moms are in the same situation.
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Thanks.  I am still looking.  Have not given up.. just frustrated.   I did find this website for a dress for my baby shower though.  www.babiesnbellies.com
And she told me she could sell me two sizes of her two piece sets according to what fit me.  And has np exchanging stuff for me to help me out.  Not all of it is what I am looking for but I love some of the stuff there.  A lot of cute stuff.  Email her if it says out of stock.  She will help you and let you know if they are getting more it in.  
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Thanks for the link, lots of cute clothes there.  My baby is being carried so low that if I wear anything with those maternity bands its just uncomfortable, especially this week because I can feel all those kicks down there.  I have been making due with mostly wearing dresses thank goodness and at night I wear these stretchy gowns or just a tshirt to bed.  What are you ladies wearing for your feet?  When I am pregnant my feet get so hot, I always tend to wear flip-flops.  I know that's terrible for support on my feet, but it helps them from staying hot.
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walmart maternity pants are very nice....I was 3-4 before pregnancy and small pants from walmart fits very well...I also buy cheap tops from Kohls, Burlington Coat factory. I wear mt Dh's clothes at home.
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lol yea since this is my last one (being the 4th) I bought like mabey 3 or 4 shirts 1 pants 1 shorts and 2 dresses, the rest are hubby's t shirts lol that stuff is expensive!!! CUTE but expensive
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Getting down to the last 3 months where you don't want to buy anything new because you know that you are not going to fit into it in 3 months so why waste the $$... but then some of my maternity pants are a little snug around the waist.  So I might have to pick up a few more :(
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ok I took a risk and  bought some from oldnavy online.  Still very upset they have little to none in store. But they are pretty good.  if you wear a large then their large will fit.  It is pretty much the same..  I was nervous and got an extra large on some things and the are a lil big but soooo comfy I am not complaining lol.  I got leggings and yoga pants.  I just can't find shorts.. The only ones on sale were sold out in my size and I was trying to keep the ammount down..  So far I am ok but I will need shorts soon.
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I buy from OldNavy online a lot because it's the only way I can get petite length pants through them.  I do have to be careful with some pants as they have shorter straddles it seems.  I am still having issues with wearing anything too low around my bikini line area.  Our little one is in the breech position so I get a lot of movement down there and feel like I'm restricting them if I where something with elastic.  I am with you though trying to keep the amount of $ I spend down.
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I know what is up with only being able to get their petite online?  My Mom helps me hem them up when I don't have time or patience to wait and order them lol
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lol Puttergirl, I know what you mean, I thought it was just me and maybe the areas that we have lived at, but I always have to order Petite pants if I want them.  I have a sewing machine to hem my pants up but mostly just use that for the boys clothes and never seem to have to make the time to hem up my own.
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