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What type of exercise are you doing while pregnant?

What type of exercise are you doing while pregnant? Are you walking?  Biking?  Or working out to work-out tapes?  What is helping you keep in shape during your pregnancy?
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no exercise for me am on bed rest
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I was using my treadmill everyday, that is until last week when I started having contractions...only 18-19 weeks along! So I had to stop. The thing is, I am 19 weeks and haven't gained anything, actually lost lbs....So it's probably a good thing that I stopped using it!
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I have lost weight as well, however I was a big girl before my pregnancy. I have been walking whenever I feel like it.
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Walking seems to be the lowest of impact that you can do.  I am definitely taking it easy with this pregnancy and trying not to push myself.  I do work out on the Eclipse for maybe 20-25 minutes.  It's an elliptical machines so low impact.  It's helped me keep my energy up when I get sluggish.

I have certainly not lost weight though during the whole process, steady gaining over here, but was a normal weight prior to pregnancy.
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Went to the doctor yesterday, and can get back to my normal. I use a treadmill, and with 5 kids already running around the house they give me a lot of exercise too. I gained a lb since my last appt, but it's still under what I started at. My doctor has said she isn't worried that I'm not gaining, baby looked and measured great on the ultrasound yesterday(13 oz) so I'm not worried either. Treadmill, walking, and running around with kids is my normal daily exercise which helps keep down the weight, and lose the weight after the baby is born!
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I have been at 160 now for a few weeks so that's not bad, belly is popping though so I guess it's balancing out.
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I have been overweight since my first child though, I am the heaviest now that I have ever been and am really looking forward to after baby is born to get a good workout routine going. I have my treadmill now, which i just use to get daily exercise in since I don't want to lose weight yet, but after the baby is born, my husband and I have talked about going to the YMCA 3 to 5 days a week to work out together. So right now just the treadmill and playing with the kids, and am thinking about buying a elliptical, but i don't know if adding that to my routine now will do more harm than good.
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We just started a new group to help moms focus on their weight loss, don't know if you saw this already or not:


I wanted to be on top of my weight this time around.  Ugh it just made it hard to keep weight on after the birth.  Nothing fit right, my old clothes my belly was hanging out.  It was frustrating to say the least.

I just got an elliptical, it's actually used but I love it.  It makes it easier on me than the treadmill.  I breastfeed so I always am close by to our baby so just working out in the house helps.  Breastfeeding can make working out a challenge, because there are times where you feel like you are breastfeeding constantly especially initially.  I probably will be gaining about 30-35 lbs with our child it seems.  They always say you gain a lb a week in your 3rd trimester, eek.
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Yes I saw the new group and I think it's awesome! I can't wait til November/December when I can start it. I think the elliptical may be the thing for us to get also, because I am going to bf, and it just may be a lot easier without having to drag all the kids around. I am hoping that since I am committed more than ever before to lose weight that I will stick with my routine and lose some! Although, with this pregnancy the lb that I gained, I have lost again so I'm back to not gaining anything, so a lb a week in the last trimester wouldn't be too bad for me. Well, good luck all!
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I think my body is programmed during pregnancy to gain 25-35 lbs no matter how good I try to eat and exercise.  I definitely am looking forward to having a group of ladies be a part of a support team to help one another.
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