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Week of June 6, 2011 - How's Everyone Doing?

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Hi all :) I'm pretty new to the Medhelp site and I joined this group without really knowing how it works so I've come to find out.
Anyway, I'm 31 in a few weeks, I have been smoking for over 10 years, with a few attempts to quit. I managed to stop for a year but my EX husband ( emphasis on ex ) was smoking around me, I think it was deliberate as he didn't support me with it.
For about the last year my children have been non stop with their pleas to get me to stop, they learn so much at school, and they read the warnings on the cig packets. My Dad pretty much piled on a lot of pressure too, he is an ex smoker too.
The problem was, I could happily ignore everyone! or I'd say I will stop someday, or to the kids I'd find excuses..I used to go outside to smoke as I have never risked their health, but by going outside I could smoke away without the guilt.
I told them that I could not stop smoking until I decided to! It had to be me that got the determination, nobody else could do it for me...but once I get an idea into my head there is no stopping me! so...
Today is my 17th day without a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself, and with the support I have had and the right nicotine replacement it hasn't been as bad as I thought.
I used a 25mg patch and an inhalator for the first 2 weeks, but now I just use the inhalator.
For the first 4 nights I struggled a little with waking up a lot and strange dreams, but that settled down.
Another thing that I have found is that I don't wake up feeling like I need one within the first 5 minutes, I don't even think about it, it's strange because those first few cigarettes in the morning were the ones I felt I "needed" the most.
I can't begin to tell you how good I feel, it has really given me a self esteem boost, I have wanted to take care of myself more and everyone has said how good I look..all the time I used to spend smoking I have now filled with me time. It's fabulous when you aren't concious of smelling like smoke..and with all the restrictions of where you can and can't smoke, I feel like it doesn't rule my life anymore..I don't need a cigarette before I go into the supermarket etc..
I can't wait to read everyone elses stories, if I can do it anyone else can!! Another thing is, I have actually LOST a little weight instead of putting it on.. I am a night time comfort eater, but now I know I can beat the chocolate cravings too, all cravings pass eventually. Just hope I can keep it up, but I'm confident this time, it feels different.
Fingers crossed xxx
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Congrats looloo, You are doing great! I am doing good as well. I had been taking paxil for the anxiety and have slowly weaned off of that. I still have an occasional crave but it dissipates quickly. It is very nice not to have to smoke anymore when I have coffee in the moring or last thing before bed. I am not self conscious of smelling like an ash tray when in a public setting. I hve gained a little weight but was actually underweight before so its all good. I recently moved into a house and signed a lease where smoking is prohibited. This is how I have succeeded with not smoking. I put myself around non smokers, had my teeth and dental work done which prevented me from smoking for awhile, decided to quit at the height of personal issues as to get used to not smoking in stressful situations.I am about 5 and a half month out, so I just might succeed this time!!!! Just refusing to take another puff is my secret. That simple.
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Not to put a downer on things but just a warning from me not to get complacent. It definately helps with support of family and friends. Hope you are still off the nicotine.
its week 5 for me and the recovery is only just begining for me.
Well done keep it up just be prepared for the long haul. I am not going to talk rubbish to you. It is not easy and it is not fun.  Giving up for me was like starting a new life. Very strange I am a totally different person just be prepared for drastic changes (which are mostly good). I am hoping things will appear brighter soon. Like you I felt great for a week or two...then things start to change for real more permananently and eventually for the better.
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