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well i stopped smoking for two days than i went out and bought a pack and a lot of it was because im under so much stress between work with im awake by 530am and i get home if im lucky about 8 pm if not 9 pm and plus almost all the money i make is claimed for im helping raise my little sister and she is very sick plus i just found out my grandfather has been in icu for almost 2 weeks now so quiting is really hard right about now but once everything gets calm well as calm as they can get i will try again because i do want to quiet
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i have no will power to stop :)
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I used to joke with people that my second job was quitting smoking. I would try to quit, get down the road a few hours or even a few days and cave. I went for 6 months before I caved the last time I tried. Finally a doctor told me that if I continued to smoke that I would not live to see retirement. I ended up in the hospital after being around a room of smokers up north and I went to breathe and the breath wasnt there! Well since I am now going on 60 and retirement is very near and not being able to forget what it was like to take a breath and it not be there. Yep that did it for sure. I have not had a smoke since New Years Eve and will never smoke again. I decided I really liked breathing more than smoking. Just keep trying and you will eventually succeed. It is different for all of us and yes, it is damned hard at that so dont beat yourself up too bad.
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We appreciate your honesty .. so stick with our group and we're here for you .. even baby steps or big steps .. one thing that's so terrific is that we never judge any of our members


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