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i can't stop smoking it's like it started with a little monkey on my back but now it is like a silver-back gorilla i need help and maybe some feedback i tried the patch but kept smoking any advice?
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Hiya :)
I don't whether its advisable but this is what worked for me.. I kind of tailored my nicotine replacement to my own needs and this is day 29 of not smoking for me..
I started with a patch and an inhalator..I don't think that a patch is enough on its own, it's very good for keeping a constant level of nicotine in your blood, but it does not satisfy that sucking intake of nicotine that I need in the back of my throat so I used an inhalator aswell, or you could use the nicotine spray that has just come out.
I used this method for about 18 days and then felt that I didn't need the patches anymore so I'm just using the inhalator now...but I would have carried on with the patches aswell if I felt I needed it.
So you could try a few methods of nicotine replacement for those first few weeks where the cravings are very physical.
I'm past the extreme physical cravings now and having to use my willpower aswell as the inhalator.. I really wanted to stop though so it hasn't been so bad.
Get as much support as possible, join a cessation group, or if your like me don't tell many people, as this adds to the pressure!
Don't try to quit unless you really want to, I have done it half heartedly so many times and failed...
This is just my way of doing it, it might not be right for you, but just some ideas :)
Don't give up giving up! The thing that has kept me going is the fact that I feel so much better for it..
I hope this helps in some way...
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Congrats on Day 29!

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