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Well i haven't been smoking for long maybe a year on and off but for the past couple months almost a pack a day.. im 22 and gotta quit before i can't. some questions for anyone .. what are good ways to get past the urges to have a smoke? gum help? dont want nicorrette or any of that.. any suggestions? quitting tomorrow at work.. bahhh
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well I hope you do quit tomorrow Koonamen or very soon....it gets ahold of you and grabs on tight before you know it.

my son is now 40. at 38 he was the same, just smoked the 'odd' one when stressed...during a bad stretch in 09 he began smoking a few more and that soon led to a pack a day or more....within 3 months he hated how it made him feel and hated the expense and the smell....so for over a year now he has been TRYING to quit.

What I'm getting at is within 3 months those darn cigarettes had as hard a hold on him as they had on me and I was a smoker for over 45 years.

all I can say is find something to keep your mind and your hands busy. I suck alot of peppermints or chew gum. one habit to replace another son.....good luck♥
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I used toothpicks and sugar free gum.  Mints will work, just anything to jab in your yap instead of a smoke.
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