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i just wanted to post the fact i went and walked further than i have for a long time !! its only my 6th day, but my c.o.p.d is already feeling the benefit!!!!!!! amazing!, i wish i had done it sooner, but at least i have now! good luck to all giving up.
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6 days! Awesome! AND walking will not only help the copd but will prevent you from gaining too much weight eh?  You have gotten thru the roughest part as nicotine is out of your system after 72 hrs and you should notice a difference in your craves before long. They will hit less and less as time goes on. You are doing great!
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This is AWESOME to hear!

Also, here's our Exercise Tracker http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/gallery/exercise where you can track your exercising and "walking" is definitely an exercise!!

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