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Birth Wishes: FINAL STEP: Sharing our Plans

To see all the links to previous steps please see the post STEP EIGHT:

It's time to share our Birth Wishes! I will start with mine, having thought about everything posted in the first eight steps of the series. Mine will give you a basic outline. You can copy and paste if you like mine, you can take mine and tweak it to fit yourself or you can do your own thing.

                                           Daniel and Joys' Birth Wishes

Dear Doctors, Midwives and Nurses at ___________ Hospital,

Thank you so much for taking care of me and my unborn baby during the most amazing journey of my life. The following is a list of our, the parents', preferences regarding our medical care while we are at your facility. We trust your expertise and are blessed for the opportunity to deliver under your care. We also thank you for respecting our wishes and for speaking with us for consent if things need to be changed up. We understand that emergencies and problems come up and preferences may become null if baby's life depends on it. Our baby is ultimately what matters most. Thank you again for being our care providers!

Daniel and Joy [last name]

-I wish to be able to move freely during labor
-No IV or Heplock unless I am becoming dehydrated
-As such I wish to have food and clear liquids by mouth
-Hydrotherapy is especially important to us so a room with a tub is ideal
-Artifical rupture of membrane is welcome; Pitocin is not.
-We would love to have our children present at the delivery if possible

-I understand 20 minutes of EFM is required and am happy to oblige. However after that period intermittent fetal monitoring, BP monitoring and maternal heart-rate monitoring is requested.

-I do not wish to have an epidural. Please do not offer it to me as I am in a vulnerable position. If I ask for it ignore me and provide alternative and more holisitic remedies for pain relief such as a birth ball or hydrotherapy
-I do not wish to have Stadol, Demerol or any other form of narcotic. This makes me feel ill and "out-of-it". I want to be alert and present.

-I do not wish to push in a lithotomy position
-I will naturally assume a position that is most beneficial for birthing my baby, such as squatting or side-lying.
-Please do not use the vacuum or forceps on my baby
-I would rather tear than have an episiotomy; please do NOT cut me without consent
-I do not wish to have any direction in pushing; please no counting or yelling. I will push as my body directs me to push

-I want to hold the baby immediately; please place them on my stomach or chest
-Please do not clamp the cord for over 5 minutes until it has stopped pulsing
-My husband will cut the cord
-I do not wish to have Pitocin to help expel the placenta; please be patient and allow it to come out on its own without any tugging or pulling (I will take Pitocin if hemorrhaging)

In the event of a cesarean please note the following:
-Prefer an epidural over general if time allows
-I require double layer sutures please
-My husband, Daniel, should be present
-Lower the screen for me to see baby if baby is not in distress
-Husband to hold baby once baby has the all-clear
-Baby to come with us to recovery rather than to the nursery
-I wish to breastfeed as soon as possible
-We want the freedom to take pictures of mom's face and of baby once they are born

(please provide all waivers for the refusal of any procedures):
-We will be exclusively breastfeeding. Pacifiers are okay; bottles are not.
-If our baby is a boy he will be circumcised; one or both parents need to be present and we prefer the plasti-bell. If no plasti-bell is available topical anesthetic needs to be applied to baby before the procedure and gentleness given.
-We are refusing the Vitamin K injection
-We are refusing the Hepatitis B vaccine
-We are refusing the eye drops
-We do not want our baby wiped down or bathed by a nurse; we will clean them up
-We wish to be discharged as soon as we are all cleared

So there you have it! That is how my birth plan is in its current state. I may switch things up or re-word things so it flows better. Please feel free to share yours! I find bullet-points are the easiest to read, especially when you break the sections up. Keep it simple but give it a voice and personality.
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   Birth Plan

Mothers Name: Dakota (last)
Fathers Name: Conley (last)
Due Date: May 2, 2011
Coach: Conley
OB/GYN: Dr. Ford
Hospital: NW Medical
Allergies: PCN
Medical background: I do have a pre-existing medical condition of severe anxiety and anxiety attacks. To help cope with this I tend to at least need to know what is going on though I know I cannot control a situation like this if you could just please keep me informed at all times to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Early Labor-
~ I understand the hospital requires 20 minutes of EFM when I arrive in labor. I'm happy to give you those 20-30 minutes and then I'd prefer the freedom to move around and to check on baby intermittently with a Doppler
~BP/other vitals I will be happy to give occasionally intermittently as well
~ move as freely as possible to allow labor to progress quickly and efficiently             ~ listen to music
~ stay in my own clothes that have easy access for being checked or at least keep on under shirt under gown
~ family and friends are allowed to come and go as they please
~ not be restricted on fluid intake        
~ heparin lock IV   
~ shower to help with the pain
~ avoid being catheterized unless absolutely necessary
~ If I desire pain medications or an epidural I will ask for it, but I would like         to know at what point I am allowed to have the epidural and to know when  it’s close for not being available anymore
~ trying to labor naturally but that will mostly be decided in the moment
~ birthing ball             
~ no preference on IV med if used
~ induction and augmentation/water broken if necessary

***Please discuss any suggested interventions or procedures with Conley and I and obtain our verbal consent before initiating any such interventions or procedures.
~ Only Conley, myself and needed personnel in room
~ Prefer to not push in the lithotomy position and will choose which position is best for delivering my baby
~ Will begin pushing with holding my breath for 10 counts but would when I find a rhythm I would prefer mother-directed pushing
~ Do not want my feet in the stirrups      
~ Feel head when crowning
~ See with a mirror

Conley would also like to help in the delivery process as much as possible.

~ Perineal massage     
~ Would prefer to tear rather than being cut, please DO NOT cut me without my consent

Immediately after delivery-
~ Baby placed on my chest immediately after     
~ Conley to cut the cord
~ Begin nursing immediately     
~ I’ll be baby’s warmth not lamps
~ Baby to stay with us at all times
~ If cut or torn - local anesthetic when repairing it     
~ Please perform all physical exams and procedures in room with Conley and I

Baby Care-
~ Exclusively breastfeeding on demand
~ Wish to meet with a lactation consultant as soon as possible

~ Child to room-in with us     
~ Well-wishers are welcome

~ In the event that C-section is deemed necessary I would like my partner/coach present and pictures taken.
~ Prefer an epidural over general if time allows  
~ Conley would still like to cut the cord if possible
~ Conley to hold baby immediately after if no complications
~ I require double layer sutures please
~ Wish to breastfeed as soon as possible

In the Event that Baby Requires Special Care Due to Trauma or Illness-
~ Like to breastfeed/pump breast milk
~ Conley and I will be accompanying baby at all times

Thank you for taking the time to read our birth plan and for helping us achieve our first birth.
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Dakota, I like how you worded a lot of things and then I realized I left something important out, too! Thank you for sharing your birth plan. Very, very well written!
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Hi - I am working on mine but will wait until some more q's are answered about VBAC'S and I have talked to my doc about some of your points before posting.  Joy and others I would just like to say a big thankyou for putting all this info up here and starting this forum.  Although I know this info is by no means exhaustive and that it does not replace your own research, it has given me some great things to consider and think about that i really had know idea about.  It is so overwhelming to think about the birth of your baby and your hopes for wanting it to be perfect but this info has helped to break it down and give me some relasitic strategies and understandig of the process.  It has also helped to make sense of the overwhelming amount of info out there.  Thanks again and look forward to sharing everyones experiences.
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thank you :) worked hard on it!
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Joy I was wondering is there any way for me to find out before I become pregnant again if I was double layered sutured or not? And if I wasnt can I still have a VBAC with my next pregnancy given time to heal properly. Thinking to wait till Naomi is three which is Oct. 1, 2013. Thanks
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Tiff - all that information should be in your medical records. When you give birth (no matter if it was vaginal or cesarean) the doctor writes down every little procedure and how they did it step-by-step. So you can ask your doctor about that or ask what type of sutures, how they feel about VBAC especially if you wait three years, etc.

The reason I know that is because my second daughter was born with a broken collarbone so when I switched to the midwives (to prevent it from happening again with my next baby I wanted midwifery care that supported my choice to birth in a position other than on my back which narrows the pelvis and can cause broken collarbones) and they read through my "birth report" with her and it was everything the doctor wrote down about how my baby was born.

So definitely talk to them when you see them next. Double sutures are NOT required by everyone.
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LACH - you're most welcome! You're right -it's a complex issue and there are so many variables but I'm glad what I've brought to the table has at least given people the desire to go forth with their own research and to see things, maybe, in a new light or at least a different light. LOTS more topics to come, lots more discussions to be had and even if people don't agree with everything I say (and not everyone will; that's what makes us all unique!) at least people will learn something new that they didn't think about before. I think one thing is the delayed cord clamping and cutting; it is not something routinely done in America but is so beneficial to baby. You won't readily find that information unless you are searching for it. That is just one example of many.

So anyway that was a long-winded way of saying you're so welcome and I'm SO glad people are benefiting from this community!
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Well I am changing to a midwifery next time because the OB I had would not listen to me and did not respect my birth wishes and pushed pain meds on me. He also broke my water at only 3 cm so I think that is why I ended up with a c-section along with the fact that he didnt want to wait for 6 more hours. So I have already found a hospital and midwife that support VBACs and the lady over the maternity floor called me personally to answer my questions and said when I got ready to try again to give her a call. It was nothing like what I expected but I am happy.  
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Tiff, that is awesome!!! Most midwives do VBACs; doctors are more weary of them due to litigation (fear of being sued). Sounds like you found a really great practice and I can't wait for the day I hear your next birth story!!!
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