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What is Your Birth Must-Have?!

Whether you've chosen a home birth, water birth, VBAC, hospital birth, birth center - what is your birth must-have?! What is that one thing you need during birth or shortly after birth?
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What I needed was something to hold on to and rub between my forefinger and thumb.  usually it was a hand but if there wasn't a hand available I would rub a blanket, towel, or my gown.
My poor husband said his hands were sore from all the rubbing.
I thought it was funny because in our lamaze class the teacher said that there will probably be a time when you don't want to be touched and she made us practice focusing without touching.  It never happened.

After delivery, though, food and a hot shower.
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Food and water are must-haves for sure!!! BUT I also enjoy a nice warm shower just before it's time to deliver. Something about the way the water hits your body is so soothing and relaxing. Then, once I give birth, I can't wait to get home a couple of hours later and in my bed and just snuggle my new baby!! :)
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