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I have a cyst in ovary

Hi I have been going back and forth to the doctors for the last 2 weeks.  I went to see my gynocologist monday because I had spotting and bleeding since July 28th and ended up in urgent care that previous friday. My gyn Dr. wanted to put me on medroxyprogesterone acetate 10mg but while I was in the office they gave me a vaginal biopsy and was scheduled for a ultrasound so I wanted to get my results before I start my hormone medicine.Doctor called me the next day and said I have a non-cancerous firbroid and polyp from the biopsy results. The ultrasound results showed that I have a cyst that was kinda big.  I wanted to wait on the hormone treatment medicine till I got the results from the ultrasound ect.so should I start taking the hormone replacement and would it help shrink my cyst . I forgot to ask my doctor and she wont be in till tuesday.
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Sorry for the delay in the response.  If you were my patient, I would recommend that you go ahead and take the medication.  Common name is Provera.  Because you have a polyp, your doctor may want to do a hysteroscopy/d&c procedure for you to clean out the lining of the uterus.  This procedure will be easier if the Provera has worked first.

If you were my patient, I would tell you to take your medicine, and then schedule the d&c for the week after the period that results from taking the Provera.  I would probably just elect to watch the ovarian cyst, depending upon its characteristics--usually they go away on their own within 4-6 weeks.

Another option would be to wait on surgery, and just repeat the ultrasound in 6-8 weeks.
Be sure to discuss all of the above with your doctor!

Hope this helps!
Dr B
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I have a large dermoid cyst 10.8x9.2 &am having surgery on the first of october,am worried about being able to have children as am getting married in feb,tried getting pregnant by stopping my contraceptives all this while(6months),I have had regular heavy monthly periods,do you think the dermoid cyst is preventing me from falling pregnant because its large?
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