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AGC biopsies negative, I'm still nervous

I had a pap come back positive for AGC (endocervical) and had colposcopy, cervical and endo biopsies.  Negative. Negative HPV.  I'm scheduled for a pap in 4 months but I'm worried that we haven't answered a question...where did the glandular cells come from? Should we go further with testing? Can it be an ovary issue? My only symptoms were very heavy periods after my children were born (so i went on the pill) and an infection discovered at the pap for which I was prescribed antibiotics in between the pap and the biopsies.

Can I relax and wait the 4 months or should I get more aggressive with finding answers?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you of two things.  The first is that you can safely wait 4 months as even if you had the worst case scenario, these things progress slowly.
The other thing I would strongly consider doing is an endometrial biopsy.
This is a biopsy of the tissue inside the uterus (higher up than the endocervical canal).  Abnormal cells from the uterus can be expelled and detected on a pap.
A cervical conization or LEEP procedure might be a strong consideration if you have completed your family.
AGC can have skip lesions, so it is easily possible to miss the abnormal spot with biopsies.
Good luck!
Dr B
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