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Bartholin duct abscess and Thrush?

Hi Doctor,

Thank you so much for your help. So I've been having cottage cheese like vaginal discharge, odorless but somewhat itchy, and my left inner labia is swollen beyond belief, a couple inches more than normal it hangs down and is very hard to touch. I can't walk, or function, it hurts to sit or do anything basically. Do I maybe have a Bartholin duct abscess and thrush as well? I've tried several things that don't seem to be working too well, i started with monostat 1 the 1 day plunger and the miconazole 2% cream that comes with it, then i tried vagisil anti itch topical cream, followed by plain yogurt dipped 100% cotton tampons. i'm so sick of this and i just want to feel normal again. I dont know what to do and I don't have money to go see the doctor I'm in a small town and all there is is emergency over the weekend  which will cost me a boatload of money I don't have : / Thanks so much
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If you were my patient, I would treat you with Diflucan which is an oral antifungal agent. In some cases the vaginal preparations can cause a reaction which is sometimes worse than the original yeast infection.  So, while i am using the oral antifungal, I will sometimes use topical cortisone cream as well for its anti inflammatory properties.
If your left side is signficantly larger than your right side it could be a Bartholins duct cyst or abcess in addition to the yeast infection.
A Bartholin's duct cyst will sometimes respond to antibiotics or  warm soaks, but in most cases they need to be lanced and drained with a catheter inserted to keep the opening from closing and swelling again
From the sounds of things, you really should consider going to the doctor's office--it may save you money in the long run.
Good luck!
Dr B
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