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Bleeding 3 months after hysterectomy

Had hysterectomy april 26th and bleeding daily till it turned bright red doc said would need to schedule another surgery to re-stitch vagina cuff. Had re-stitch June 7 with yellow discharge doc said was normal and at 5 week appt said all looked ok.. Next day started bleeding bright red & doc gone on vacation. Saw another doc who said didn't see where blood could be coming from & shouldn't bleed anymore. Wrong, still bleeding 7 days later.. Took pics to show doc it was bright red.. How can this be, 3 months & 2 surgeries later after a total hysterectomy.. Any suggestions
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If you were my patient, I would do an ultrasound to be certain that there is no hematoma above the cuff that is draining.  I would also do a very careful inspection of the cuff looking for granulation tissue that could be bleeding.
If that all failed and the bleeding continued, I would have to consider taking you back to surgery for a laparoscopic look inside and re-closure of the cuff if necessary.  I doubt it will come to this.  Back in the old days we used to leave the cuff  open and it would heal closed without suturing.  It also seems extremely unlikely that you have any arterial or venous bleeding this far out from your surgery.  I'm sure you must be frustrated, but it will probably resolve soon and you will never bleed again!
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thank you for your reply.. I already had a re-stitch of the vagina cuff on June 7th. I had a yellowish discharge after the re-stitch which the doc said is normal. Then 5 weeks post op/ July 11 saw my doc who said that all is healing & that the stitches should dissolve within the next two weeks. Next day I started to spot then day after that my panti-liner was completely filled  with fresh red blood after waking up in morning.  Mon morning I called docs office only to find out he's on vacation for next 1 1/2 weeks. So I saw another doc who stated that he didn't see where any bleeding was coming from, & I shouldn't bleed anymore, He Noticed an area of granulation  &  I had 2 options" 1) Do nothing or 2) He could use a silver nitrate stick on the area.  I chose Nothing & preferred to wait for my surgeon. I continued to bleed & it felt like my cycle/period again just like what happened in June, Bleeding, Bloating, Severe Back Ache (never had prior to hysterectomy).  Well he was wrong & I have continued bleeding red for 5 days  now its changed to brown.  I've spoken to other people who have never bled after their hysterectomy.  Its been 3 months for me that I've had to wear a maxi or panti-liner & I can't help but think something else is wrong, especially when its fresh red blood which is abnormal--Just looking for some answers & finally one day to not wearing anything. Right now I regret having a hysterectomy with all the complications I've endured.  My left ovary was left in & allof my right was suppose to be removed but  1/4 was left in since it was too close to my ureter = I only have one since I donated my left kidney to my sister --Doc stated it was too dangerous to try & remove all of rt ovary. Also had stage 4 Endometrosis all the way down to the rectum but thankfully no other issues..  Thanks again for your first reply, thought I'd give you some more info to see if you would do anything else.. I'm seeing my doc Wed morning when he comes back from vacation.  Any other suggested are appreciated. Thanks
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