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Blood pressure medicine & pregnancy...

Hi, I'm 4 weeks pregnant & had high BP before becomiong pregnant. I was on Toprol XL 25 mg once daily. I went to an OB/GYN today who said my BP was still running high and upped my dose to Toprol 50 mg once daily. When I called my pharmacist, he said he did not think Toprol was the best thing to take for BP during pregnancy to ask for something safer. My questions are: Is it safe to take Toprol during pregnancy? If not, what BP medicine should I ask my OB/GYN to put me on? My BP is about 133/90-100 on average. I'm 27 yrs old, & this is my 2nd pregnancy. I DID NOT have toxemia during 1st pregnancy. But developed high BP after the birth. Thanks....

LPN Girl
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Labetalol is the beta blocker of choice in pregnancy.  Other BP meds safe to use during pregnancy include Methyldopa, Nifedipine and in some cases Hydrochlorothiazide.  You can talk to your obstetrician about these options.  Additionally, you should talk with your obstetrician about the risks of developing pre-eclampsia (toxemia), placental complications (e.g., abruption), preterm birth and fetal growth restriction as a result of having pre-existing hypertension.

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Dr. Downing
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Hi Doctor,
Thanks for your reply. At my last OB visit, the OB told me I had 2 + protein in my urine & I was only 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. She said it may just be due to dehydration - drink more water. Could this mean that pre eclampsia is starting? Or something else? What could cause protein in the urine so early during pregnancy? I had my kidneys checked 2 yrs. ago by my PCP & they were fine then. Thanks....
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