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I have  been having CIN 1 for 3 years. got pregnant while having CIN!.
afte the pregnancy CIN 1 progressed to CIN2.
what is the best method of treatment for my condition. i want to get pregnant again.does a colposcopy remove any cervical tissue
i have hpv high risk .
are there any medications that will help
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CIN II is considered high grade dysplasia.  It requires a colposcopic evaluation (looking at the cervix and vagina with a magnifying instrument).  Very often during this process, areas of the cervix are biopsied to be evaluated microscopically by a pathologist.  The results of those biopsies would determine whether any further treatment was needed.  
These types of biopsies (diagnostic biopsies) will not affect the ability to carry a future pregnancy.  

Other procedures that remove a greater amount of tissue such as a LEEP/LLETZ or cone biopsy can possibly affect the cervix during a pregnancy.

That said, you need to follow up with the person managing you for cervical dysplasia.  Close follow up and treatment when need is crucial in preventing the development of cervical cancer.  No medication treats these issues.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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