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Cause of Anal Warts

I am 33 years old, I have been in a monogomous relationship for 18 years.  I have only been with 1 person.  He had at least 10 sex partners before we were together.  I just found out 2 days ago he had a 1 night stand 3 months into our relationship.  We have 3 children, my last was born June 2008.  During the pregnacy, i noticed an anal wart.  It was only one, but rather large, and about 1/8 inch from my rectum.  I just brushed it off as a hemmoroid.  I recently have suspected an affair, went to my OB/GYN and he said it was an anal wart, and I could have been infected 18 years before.    We did not start having anal sex until 5-6 years ago.   He said he has never had anal sex with anyone else.  Also, he is wondering if I may have gotten it from dirty bedding, towel, or clothing.  I have told him it is only sexually transmitted, but he does not believe me, and i cannot find anything on line that says you can't get it that way. Please help!
My questions are:
Are anal warts and vaginal warts the same type of HPV infection?
Can an anal wart come from vaginal sex? (could he have contracted it through vaginal sex?)
Do I need to have a colonoscopy?
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Anal and vaginal warts are only transmitted sexually.  His reluctance to believe you is a worriesome sign.  If you suspect an affair, you are probably correct. Genital warts, wherever they are, are caused by HPV.  HPV is a systemic disease, so, warts can show up anywhere, but most commonly are seen on the vulva, perineum, anus, cervix.
There is not really any way to determine when someone was infected, and yes, it could have been 18 years ago.  If you were my patient, I would refer you to the best proctologist that I could find.  I'm not totally sure what the recommendation for colonoscopy/anoscopy, etc is.  I'm sure the wart could be biopsied.  Also, HPV typing is available to determine whether you have types of the virus that are high risk for causing cancer.
Finally, there is a nice medication called Aldara that can be applied topically to the wart to shrink it.
Good luck!
I hope this helps!
Dr B
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Just wanted to let you know that I have had only ONE Faithful sex partner  in my entire life of over 50 years and I have high risk hpv which cannot be seen.   I was not his first.  If you have no reason to suspect him of cheating, maybe he isn't.  
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