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Chances of pregnancy

Good afternoon, I KNOW that this will sound really irrational, and uneducated, I am completely aware, but when you are afraid, rationality goes out the window. I am a 28 yr old virgin, brought up in that tradition. Last wednesday I was fooling around with my boyfirend, and things somewhat went out of my hands, and his penis touched what would be my "hymen", the moment i felt him there i pushed him away. I am not completely sure he didnt have precum because I myself had a little bit of secretion so I cant tell if it was his or mine, he says "he was dry" and the moment I pushed him away he lost his erection... the touch was only for 3 seconds at most, it was a tap... in addition to that I had my period last wednesday, finished it (still spotting) on Sunday and the accident happened the next wednesday, i have a regular 35 day period.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you certainly should be safe, in this case.  I would not be overly concerned, but you could do a pregnancy test for peace of mind.  In the future, if accidents occur, emergency contraception is available without a prescription at most major pharmacies.
Good luck!
Dr B
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