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Changes of life??

I had a ultrasound exam & the uterus measured 10.8 x 8.2 x 5.8.  The mometrium shows extensive leiomyomatous changes present with distinct fibroids measuring 3.7, 2.6, 1.6 & 4.9cm. The
endometrial echo complex is 3.2 mm. The right ovary is nonvisualized.  The left ovary measures 1.9 x
1.4 x 1.7 cm.  No ovarian or adexal mass lesions are seen.  A small amount of free fluid is present.  On color flow, spectral doppler imaging, there is flow in the left ovary with peak systolic velocity of approx. 7.2 cm/sec seen.  Can you tell me what any of this means?  I just turned 46 & have had abnormal periods/missing periods(went 1 year without a period-also 6 mths-now over 2 mths at a time) then extra periods, changes.  Please help
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This means you have a fibroid uterus and a thin endometrial stripe.
Irregular bleeding in a woman your age is usually due to one of the following causes: pregnancy, thyroid hormone abnormality, perimenopausal anovulation, endometrial polyp, endometrial hyperplasia (overgrown endometrial tissue) with or without atypia or endometrial cancer.

A proper work up will include checking a thyroid hormone level (TSH), undergoing an endometrial biopsy and now that you have had a pelvic ultrasound, a study to look inside the uterus for polyps (e.g., hysteroscopy, sonohysterogram).

Most commonly this type of bleeding is due to a polyp or perimenopausal anovulation.

Talk to your ob/gyn about your evaluation and test results.

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Dr. Downing
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Thanks so much for the info!  I'm going to have blood work tomorrow & surgury (total abdominal hysterectomy & possible bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy) on the 27th.  My gyn & doctor said no other test were needed.  Does a thin dndometrial stripe mean no cancer generally?  Thanks for all your help!

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