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Chronic Foul Vaginal Odor for 13 yrs.

Chronic Foul Vaginal Odor for 13 yrs. Seen MANY doctors. No infections or diseases. Tried BV and yeast treatments. Tried all OTC deodorants/powders. Tried drinking much water, changing diet. Washing with water, with soap. Used natural cotton panties. Smell is equal to "days of unwashed butt". Friends, family, strangers have commented on my vaginal odor. I have smelled myself too. I am very clean person who showers daily. I can clear a room with this odor. I have to work jobs where I'm not exposing other people to my odor. I had to give up my social life completely. Last time I seen a DR for this..TODAY. No infections. No diseases. No constipation.I don't have sex. Its been 13 years since I've had sex. I have regular monthly periods. Light to medium flows. Approx 25 out of 30 days I have the foul vaginal odor Vaginal odor develops within 10 minutes after cleaning. 20 minutes and people around me can smell it and some don't mind telling me about it. I'm sick of this. I want my life back. Someone please tell me of any medications, remedies I could use. I've heard of one I can get thru internet order but forgot name of it. Someone please help me. I have gotten nowhere with doctors.
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I'm sorry to hear that you are so frustrated with doctors, but am hoping that our forum members can offer you some good information.  I hope that you will not be offended if I suggest that you might want to see a counselor to ventillate your feelings about a chronic condition for which no one else has been able offer help.
I find that this problem is often worse for women with a history of sexual trauma or abuse--don't know your history, but that is something that a counselor might be able to delve into.
I wonder what changed 13 years ago that started the problem?
Can you go remember a time when you didn't have  symptoms?
Did you have a partner who left you at that time?
I am afraid that I don't have lots of other suggestions!
Hope this helps in some way!
Dr B
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I had no problems up until 2000. At this  time I was on several medications, for depression and anxiety. Several in my group were all on the same meds. We were all experiencing this vaginal odor problem at the same time. My provider wouldnt believe me when I said I had a odor problem until I went in to get checked and she smelled me before the pants came off. She tested me for infection/STD's, all negative. She offered no solutions. While there a nurse spoke to me and she explained many women experience this same issue when on certain medications although this detail is never mentioned in the "side effects." The other women that were in my group have since recovered from this odor problem but I haven't. I really can't say the meds are what caused this mess. And there is no amount of therapy that will cure me of the humiliation I experience everytime someone comments on my odor. I would be more than happy to take a pill that would make me immune to the comments..
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I was on those meds from 1996 to 2002.
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I came across "RepHresh Vaginal Gel" on the internet. I don't know if its going to help. Bought it and I am going to give it a try. If you or anyone has heard of other women having a chronic vaginal odor that isn't caused by infections or STD's, and they found a solution without their doctors, please pass their solution onto me. I heard about a specific suppository offered on the internet but cant remember the name of it. Many women with my same problem used it and it got rid of the odor.
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I have read your posts and I think I may be able to help. I had a 4 yr. history of reoccuring BV. I would have to take Metrondizole at least once a month for like 3 yrs. untill I found a doctor who told me that it was not okay to continue taking that med so frequently.
My Fiance works at a coop and I began trying to find Organic ways to naturally cure my BV.
After some research, studying and testing on myself; here is what I've found to cure all odors and the BV. I have been using this regimen for the last year without any symptoms.
All you reallly need is a bottle of BRAGGS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.
This vinegar can be taken multipe ways, be sure to read the bottle for other methods of use.
Once a week I make suppositories....
Using a normal sized ice tray I add 10ml of Aplle Cider Vinegar and 10ml of water.
Freeze untill frozen.
Each morning I insert one before I shower, that way it will dissolve as I shower.
I do this daily; also I take a BV Capsule made by VH Essentials purchased at Super Walmart for around $7.
SERIOUSLY... this has worked wonders for me!
Another resource I found helpful but might sound kind of odd is YOUTUBE.
Good Luck, please let me know if this works st all for you!

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