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Could I be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex a week ago, my bf pulled out b4 he ejaculated. When we had sex it was 9th day of my cycle. yesterday and also today I noticed some bloody/ brown substance (quite sticky) in my underwear and I'm not sure what it is? I know there is a possibility I could be pregnant as we didn't use contraception, I know realise how stupid I was. But anyway could this blood be implantation bleeding? and how can I tell if i'm pregnant, and how soon? my next period due 17th Feb. I have done a little research on internet and there are so many different answers.
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If you think you might be pregnant take a home pregnancy test.  If negative, repeat it in one week.

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Dr. Downing
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It is possible. But, the brown substance is probably from an injury you got from having sex, and it is old blood. If it was bright red, that means it is brand new and probably more worrisome. I am not an expert.... so dont take me word for it, but I dont think the two are related.
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I am somewhat curious about something along these lines too. I had unprotected sex about a week to two weeks ago and a few times since then with my fiancee. My back aches, I have been getting cramps, and I don't know if my breasts are tender, or if I'm just imagining it because I'm paranoid. Anyway, I have had this cramping feeling in my lower stomach and I never get cramps when I have my period, well not since my very first period. I read about pregnancy symptoms and learned about implantation bleeding. I went to the bathroom yesterday morning and had a brownish clot come out and it was followed by blood. I have been bleeding since, not as much as a period, but definitely more than just spotting. And there have been a lot of clots in the blood.
I don't have a regular period, so its kind of hard to estimate it by when I should have my period.
My last two cycles were 48 days between periods and 77 days days between. It has been about 21 days since my last period ended
Usually there is more time between periods, but maybe this one just came early? I'm not even sure if I would have been ovulating around the time I had sex, which should have been the only time I could have gotten pregnant. I have a pregnancy test and plan on testing in a couple weeks. But until then, does anyone have any answers or ideas about what could be going on?
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you can get pregnant at any time in your cycle, it doesn't matter if you're meant to be ovulating or not. Also I have similar symptoms to you (light bleeding, brownish in colour).
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sry to interfere ,but i have a question.me and ma bf had dry sex .with clothes on.last periods i had was on 23 of december in january i did not have ma periods ..in february i have taken pills for getting ma periods ..after taking them i had brownish clots just like in in periods but very dry  .but very less.this continued for 5 days then it changed in reddidh clots but once in aday i guess...wat do u think ma problem is ..i don have any pregancy symptoms ...
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Hi i had the bar in my arm up to last week and im tryiny to have a baby how long will it take if it to happen  
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