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Cramps but no uterus

I do not have an uterus,But I am having cervic cramps.It feels like I am going to have a period ,but that is not possible.I still have my ovaries,I had the surgery and had my uterus removed a year ago.but I kept my ovaries.I  have also been dealing with indometriosis for years.I hate having sex it is so painful,what can I do?
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It is possible that your ovaries scarred to the top of the vagina.  Ovaries are just as sensitive as testicles, and so if that happens (which is relatively common) whenever you have intercourse and "something" bumps the top of the vagina, it is going to be painful.

It is also possible that your endometriosis has reoccurred and that is what is causing the problem.

A third possibility is that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the intestines are the source of your discomfort--I have seen IBS mimic endometriosis MANY MANY times!

If you were my patient, I suspect we would first do an ultrasound to look for any obvious problems, like cysts, etc. and then the next step would either be:

1) laparoscopy( a tiny tv camera is inserted through an incision near the belly button)   to possibly remove ovaries/scar tissue/endometriosis depending on what we found in there


2) try a high fluid/high fiber bowel regimen to see if that alleviated symptoms without having to resort to more surgery.


3) try medications like lupron or birth control pills to try to supress endometriosis symptoms again without putting you through more surgery.

Any answer would be correct--it would depend on circumstances and preferences which way to go.

Good Luck!

Dr B
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the other part to the  question is .After intercourse about a month ago .I past blood and it happen twice after that.I had to a wear a liner,I dont get it .I had a Hysterectomy a year ago.Could you please answer this for me as well?
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I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago, and I am experiencing the same type of cramping over the last few months.  It feels exactly like period cramps.  I do not have any other problems that I know of.I am also very concerned about what is going on with this.
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I also have the cramping and no uterus. My doctor tod me that it's because you still ovulate every once in a while. The past 3 days I have been having cramps bad, so now I am wondering if it means my ovaries are finally giving out. I had my hysterectomy in 94.
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