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Cysts and bleeding

I went to the ER because I thought I had kidney stones. (I had an UTI a week prior) They told me I had a HUGE cyst on my L ovary after a CT Scan. I went to my gyne and it was 7cmx6cm. She said that she was not totally convinced that it was not a dermoid tumor. She wanted to "wait and see" so I scheduled an appt for 4 weeks later. 2 days later I began my period (2 weeks early). It is heavy and clotty. Could this mean that it really was a simple cyst and resolved?
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It is possible that the bleeding was caused by the cyst rupturing or degenerating.
I'm assuming that you went to the ER for pain, and that could be caused by the cyst rupturing or twisting.  If so, when you see your gynecologist next, the ultrasound will be clear.  If not, the cyst will still be present.  If it is still there, and does look like a dermoid on an ultrasound, your best bet is to have it removed (laparoscopy a possibility?)
A cyst that large will continue to twist if nothing else.
Good luck!
Dr B
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