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Dry skin or not???

For about five weeks i have been having dryness on the perineal area and along my anus, i have got a test about 2 weeks for std's and herpes and it came back negative. Last night when i went to the wash room i felt constipated, when i cleaned the area I saw bright blood on the paper, not just a spot this time but more, there is no blood on my stool, the area around my anus feels dry. Also when i look at the area it looks like i have a cut, or more like the skin streched or something. The area can some times feel ichy but goes away most the time. I have not had sex ever but have recived oral about 2 years ago. This is the first time i have had this happen to me. I do have sensative skin in general, I have allergies to some shampoos and my skin can get really dry in winter. I thought is was an infection but when i went to the walk in doctor he only tested for STD's and nothing else, he thought it was herpes. I never have had any bumms or bubbles. Just what i stated above.
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I can only encourage you to get a second opionion.  Sounds like this may be related to a contact dermatitis, but if you are not better, further evaluation is warranted.

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Dr. Downing
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Sounds like Lichen Sclerosis to me. Get it biopsied as soon as possible. I have this. Unless you get a biopsy, you could go through years of misdiagnosis. If it is LS, you want to be treated asap. This disease can be controlled. Hope it isn't that for you- but it sure sounds like it. Mia
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thanks a bunch everyone, went  to my doc she says that its Fissure... Im glad, she tested for yeast as well. She also stated its problably bugging me even more because of foods that i eat and that im have allergies too. So im cutting out food im not supposed to eat and taking a cream. All is well with my life once more :D

Thanks a bunch
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