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Emotional mood swings

For years I have been very emotional.  Crying, mood swings, angry, feeling overwhelmed, stressed and sometimes depressed. Quite often bloated even though I am skinny.  I quite often get upset and cry over little things and I usually have no control over it even when I tell myself to stop crying.  It is like my mind can't control my body.  Sometimes just talking about it makes my eyes watery.  I exercise and eat a healthy diet - I eat lots am always hungry.  I used to be on the pill but found it worse I started to feel a little better once I came off.  I had a baby last year and while I was pregnant I felt better but now I feel like I am starting to go back to how I use to feel and it effects my life and relationships.  I just wish I could relax, chill and go with the flow a bit more instead of being uptight, stressed and worried.  I used to think it was just me but lately have wondered if there might be a bit more going on maybe with my hormones things were always much worse right before my period.
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Get thee to a gyn asap. You need a full workup, blood, hormone levels, etc. So many emotional issues are the result of chemical imbalances in the body, you don't have to go on suffering.  with proper treatment you can go on happy, vibrant, enjoying your life! GO! NOW! Good luck!
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