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Hi, my vagina recently started itching!! (the inside of the lips and such, not inside) and once I itch it it becomes more irritated. Today I finally looked at it more closely and the inside lips of my flower are literately WHITE. I tried ph balanced lady wipes and it was okay for a little while. I decided to try a douche for the first time also and it burned a little and now I'm itchy again. What could be going on?!?!?
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If you  were my patient, I would advise you that your symptoms are pretty classic for a yeast infection.  I would suggest trying one of the over the counter products such a Monistat or Gynelotrimen.  Most wojnen who use these have a fairly good response. If you don't you should contact your doctor who can test you and possibly prescribe diflucan
Good luck!
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Can be possible that the itching can come from the change of soap?
because I have itching inside of the lips but no white things. I had yeast infection 3 years ago and I was treated.

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