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HPV, CIN 2, Colposcopy

Hi, From 2000 until 2003 I had abnormal Paps for HPV.  Then they were all normal until last year.  But this one was abnormal for unknown reasons.  So, because of my history of HPV I insisted on the doctor doing a colpo.  It didn't take too much to talk her into it because she's a great doctor!  Anyhow, the results came back CIN 2.  I had an endometrial ablation done to help treat Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (gotta love not having a period anymore!) 6 days after the colpo was performed.  I had also been having strong achy burning pains in my lower right quadrant that went away after the ablation.  They have since come back but not quite as badly as before.  I saw my ob/gyn yesterday for a follow-up on the ablation and scheduled a re-peat colpo for July.  She said she doesn't want to do a hysterectomy if we don't have to and will wait and see how the pains are in July.  If the colpo comes back still at CIN 2 or at CIN 3, since I can't have anymore children (wen have 2 beautiful children) should I just go ahead and have her do the hysterectomy?  Wouldn't it be worth it if it got rid of not only the pains that my doctor can't figure out and the abnormal cells?
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I think your logic is impeccable!  If it were mild dysplasia, CIN 1 I would have a different opinion, but CIN2 and CIN3 are pre-cancerous conditions and nothing to "blow off"!
A simple transvaginal hysterectomy would barely slow you down--I have done them on an outpatient basis, and have had patients back a hard work within a week's time.
If it was easy to talk your doctor into a colposcopy, it might be easy to persuade her to do a transvaginal hyst.  After a hyst you don't need paps OR colposcopy any more!

Good luck!
Dr B
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