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Help.....clear discharge!!!! Desire to get pregnant!

My 1st cycle date was Jan 26th.  My cycle is regular every 28 days.  I think I should have ovulated between Feb 4-Feb 10.  Today is Feb 19th and I had a clear discharge after urinating.  Does that mean anything?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that clear discharge can be semen that is being discharged.  That is probably the most common thing.
If you are within four days of your expected period, you could test for pregnancy.  I usually tell my patients to wait until their period is late--to save on cost.  
Good luck!
Dr B
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My cycle is usually 28 days.  It was 30 days between Nov & Dec.  Today marks the 31st day and my cycle still is not on.  I have taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative.  Any thoughts on what this could be?
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EllaBabe19a day ago

Im 23 years old and sexually active with my fiance..I used to get my period regularly every month..Though its late for a couple of days to a week..But now Im confuse,my last period was January 18,2014 and its almost 2 months after that and Auntie Flo didnt show up..I have taken Pregnancy test last March 1 but it says Negative..Since then i havent take one more test til now..I feel my Boobs are heavy and full,my nipples sometimes are too sensitive and itchy and sore..I have crampings also,i feel pain in my lower abdominal at lower back sometimes,i want to drink a lot of water and yet always want to pee..I am moody at times and emotional..I cant sleep at night but i wake up earlier in the morning than my usual routine and i have frequent headache..Whats going on me??Should i try to take a Pregancy Test again??Im so confuse!!Please help me..
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