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How do you know if Chlamydia will prevent you from getting pregnant?

I began having symptoms since 2006 after every period...itching, pelvic pain, red bumps, and discharge. I checked w my OBGYN everytime...even last year at my annual pap exam I requested to be tested for STD's since most don't do it routine. All came back negative. I've been non sexually active since early 2006...and had my last STD test ran by the local Health Department before being active in early 06 so i have a good idea whom i contracted anything from. I got a bad case of it in january, itch, discharge, red vulva, back pain etc. I went to my OBGYN he tested sent to lab, tested for Chlamydia, Herpes, AGAIN the tests came back negative. Now last month I requested a full STD panel (BLOOD WORK) conducted by Labcorp...all negative. Still waiting on my Herpes Select test to come back.

My General doc got the results back and said i had Chlamydia. I read that Chlamydia symptoms can be simliar to Herpes, is that true? Anyway, the results said Antibodies Igg to Chlamydia and my range was 1.48, the scale was 0 - 0.91 greater than 1.01 is positive. My question...whose result should i trust? Should I get retest in months? My doc placed me on Doxylyn etc...should i follow up w my OBGYN? Does that prevent me from getting conceived in the future?
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Commonly in women Chlamydia is asymptomatic.  When symptoms occur, vaginal discharge, poorly differentiated abdominal pain, or lower abdominal pain are the most frequent.  A positive Chlamydia IgG reflects prior chlamydia exposure, not necessarily an active infection.  A variety of studies have shown over time that in some women with + antibody titers can increase, decrease or stay relatively the same.  

So the negative screening by your ob/gyn reflects the fact you have no active Chlamydia infection.

Having + titers suggests you may be at risk for have tubal factor infertility (scarring of the tubes).  If you have had problems conceiving this would be helpful information for a fertility specialist.  A definitve test to determine tubal blockage is an hysterosalpingogram in which radio opaque dye is injected into the uterus and realtime x-rays are taken (fluoroscopy) to observe for spillage of the dye out of the tubes.

Follow up with your ob/gyn and discuss these issues further.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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