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Hyster Scope Necessary?

Gyno has recommended a hyster scope procedure based on FSH bloodwork of 27.1 which I'm told is POST menopausal.  I'm 47 years old, have had regular periods up until a couple of months ago in which I am now having irregularly timed periods which are NOT painful or heavy...they are normal and last for a few days, but have been occurring 2-3 times per month since December.  I had an abnormal Pap smear in December and as a result, I had a transvaginal ultrasound performed in January and it was normal, uterus lining normal, etc.  Now, as a result of recent bloodwork, my gyno wants to do a hyster scope on me because I am considered "post" menopausal on bloodwork and according to that I shouldn't be having any periods.  I have experienced "peri" menopause for several years (hot flashes, occasional night sweats, anxiety, etc) but have always had regular periods.   Now that I'm having irregular periods for over two months with a "post" menopausal bloodwork reading, is it really necessary to have a hyster scope done?  I understand you are not post menopausal until your periods have stopped for 12 months.  Aren't I just now experiencing true menopause now with irregular periods beginning?  I also understand that your hormone levels change daily during all phases of menopause.   So my question is ... Do you agree with needing to have a hyster scope done to rule out endometrial cancer based on the information I have provided?   I'm a bit hesitant on this since ultrasound was normal and not completely convinced that FSH of 27.1 is all that high as I'm finding different ranges reflected online with FSH levels.  Again, no symptoms other than irregular periods at 47 years old and blood test with 27.1 FSH level. Thank you for your opinion.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you should definitely have another thorough discussion with your doctor about the indication for the hysteroscope. Some things that are true--you are not postmenopausal until you have been one full year without periods.  It is not based upon a blood test.
FSH levels do fluctuate during the day and during the month.
Transvaginal ultrasound can rule out endometrial cancer with approximately 95-99% accuracy.
Bleeding two to three times per month is NOT normal and could be caused by polyps or other lesions in the endometrium, or could be caused by fluctuating hormone levels.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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