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I need to delay my ovulation by a week?

My husband is in the Army, and we've been trying to get pregnant for a while now. We are both 24, healthy, etc. He's currently deployed, but he'll be home in February, on leave, for two weeks. I have been charting my ovulation for quite some time now, and my ovulation cycle is very regular. I should be ovulating on February 10th, but he won't be home until February 15th. I really do not want to hear "there's still a chance," because I know there's still a chance, but we want to have a good chance. I've been very methodically charting my cycle, and I know when I ovulate, and I will be ovulating before he gets home. This is devastating to us, because our next chance won't be until September, when he's home for good from Iraq. We have 1 shot, and we'd like to make sure it is a good one. He's been down since we both really want this. Please help? :(
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Hi!  Thank goodness for guys who are willing to defend our freedom!

Your best bet is to get in with your doctor and fiddle around with your cycle by using birth control pills.  I would go to a gynecologist and not a primary care doctor for this one.  If you were my patient, I would put you on "the pill" to switch your cycle around, and then possibly even try inducing ovulation with Femara. (some doctors would prefer clomid)..  It should be possible to do this if you start now--don't wait until Feb!

Also, is there a chance he could work with a sperm bank?  If he could make a couple of "deposits", then you could do Intrauterine Insemination cycles while he is away.

It is not nearly as fun as the natural way, but what are you going to do?  

Keep the faith--and may you have a large and boistrous family!

Dr B
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