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Increasing pain in pelvic area

I am 30 years old, with a history of melanoma and type I diabetes. My melanoma was removed last year, but I continue to get mildly-severely atypical results. 25 of them total. I also have "explosive" diabetes, as my doctors have put it, which is a result of gestational diabetes. I have serious complications from my diabetes. (down to 10 a1c from a 16).

I have had pain now, in the very same spot (near right ovary?), for going on 7 months. Although it does occur in flashes throughout the month, it is strongest right before ovulation and right before my period. My periods have been very light for about a year (usually only a day or two) and contain mostly brown-black blood. This month the pain has been significantly worse, and it seems to really flare literally seconds before my flow begins. I did have an emergency c-section and infection 3 years ago after 3 months bed rest. My point is that I have had very serious medical complications in the last three years, and I now have a pain that is bordering severe near my right ovary. I am very scared. My gynecologist recommended a laparoscopy and then retired.I have multiple Tarlov cysts on my spine, which I read can cause abdominal pain and hip pain, and I do have severe pain in both hips...

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I suggest you find an ob/gyn who you like and trust who will be willing to work with you and your other physicians to help determine what will be the right care for you and how best to coordinate those efforts.  

I wish you well as you try to find solutions.

Dr. Downing
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