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Itching and discomfort Clam/HPV question

This is my second post and last, I forgot these questions, sorry.

1)if I had an abnormal pap smear (which I haven't but I will know pretty soon when I go to the ob gyn) Would the doctor do a leep or freeze my uterus like a procedure to remove cells if I have like a Type 1 =  abnormal cells? If they did this, could I have children afterwards?

2) Is there an HPV test for men? I feel irresponsable because my ex did ALL tests and I made him repeat them I have ocd but he didnt do the hpv  test and I always used condoms even if that doesnt protect from hpv. I was tested with my first bf for hpv in 2010 it was neqative but I spent 7 months sexually active with my second and last bf so if i became infected with hpv it was since feb 2012 when I started to be with him after he got tested for all stds, so its only been a year, is that enough for cells to be precancerous?

3) If I had the high risk HPV strain the one that causes cervical cancer, how long could it take for the abnormal cells or hpv to turn into pre cancer? or cancer?

4) Im am extremely punctual with my period, its always on time I have never had irregularities. Is that a good sign of good health or could I still have something?

5) I have been having itching and burning sensation when I urinate (no pain,no discharge) I havent had sex since august , my ex did all tests as I said including clamydia, if I have it it means he cheated. Are these symptoms of Clamydia? I also take too many showers a day could that make me get an yeast infection because of an alteration of the ph levels?

Thank you very much

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I'll do my best to answer most of your questions. When abnormal cells are diagnosed on a pap smear, it is basically the doctor/patient team who decides what treatment is best.  In many cases if the dysplasia is mild, the treatment is observation or freezing.  LEEP tends to be reserved for the more severe dysplasia.  Fertility is almost never compromised by hpv or its treatments. There is currently no hpv test for men.  The natural history of hpv is that it progresses very slowly if at all (90% never progress and 75+% regress).  One year would almost never be long enough for cancer to develop.  Regular periods is a sign of health and often fertility.  It is possible to have regular periods AND hpv. If you were my patient, I would do a urinalysis and test for chlamydia.  Yeast could cause the symptoms you are describing.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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