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LSIL Result - No Warts

I had a PAP test in April that recently came back with an abnormal result for LSIL. I do not have any warts anywhere. Between my last Pap and that one, I had had 2 sexual partners. I've been reading things all over medical help sites on the internet and I'm extra confused and anxious. I have scheduled my follow-up for this coming Monday. I just graduated college and I'm 21, so this entire situation is really upsetting to me. I have had only one other Pap ever come back abnormal in 2008, but that result was ASCUS and the follow up with HPV test I had about a month later came back normal. My 2009 Pap also came back normal, I believe this was in October. I suppose my main concern is that I've read that despite the fact that the result came back LSIL, I have no warts and have been reading that a lack of warts means it's more likely indicative of cancer. I suppose I'm particularly upset about this because I'm too afraid to talk to my mother about it and don't have anyone else to ask. Since I just graduated and will no longer see the doctor I had during the last four years, I won't know whoever I see this Monday and it's just a stressful situation.

In this kind of situation, is it likely that the LSIL is more dangerous? I guess this means I have HPV as well, as I read that LSIL is 99% cause by HPV, and can't find any other possible causes for it. This is the first time I've ever had an LSIL result. I know that I can hopefully get some answers at my appointment Monday, but I was just curious as to any typical circumstances as related to first-time LSIL results with no warts.
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Low grade dysplasia is extremely common in your age group, and the prognosis is excellent.  If you were my patient, I would probably explain to you that LSIL is almost certainly caused by HPV.  There are different strains of HPV, some cause wart, other cause dysplasia.  Sometimes more than one strain is present and both conditions occur.  In someone your age, there is at least a 75% chance that the abnormal cells will clear up on their own.  What happens is that your immune system fights and controls the HPV virus.  The virus is still present, but dormant.

A couple of things to note:
At least 1 in 6 people have signs of HPV.  Even more have the virus and no signs of it.
Once the virus is in your system we can't cure it and you can transmit it to new partners.  You would still be an excellent candidate for the HPV virus.  
Finally, as long as you keep up with your follow up appointments and yearly paps, you will almost certainly never have cancer of the cervix.

I hope this helps!
Congratulations on your graduation!
Dr B
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