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Low/No vaginal Discharge and Delated/missed periods

I am 9 days delayed/ missed period with NO vaginal discharge. I am sexually active with no  stress. Did Preg. test twice by 1st urine of the day, it came Negative. This issue never happened to me before.
I had pre-mensuration symptoms as usual but then by the time menses should come it was getting weaker and then gone. On 9th day I started having little cramps with tummy pressured full (it may be gastric also).
A year back I had hemmogragrian Cyst (bloot clot) and fibroids which led large amount of blood flow and blood clots. I took medications and it was all fine until now.
I have read many blogs, people have normal vaginal discharge when they are pregnant. I am very much concerned about NO VAGINAL DISCHARGE.  What can be the possible causes , so Please give all  the possible reasons where no discharge with missed period. I am getting worried now.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that there are two main reasons that I can think of for why your period might be late.  It is probably NOT pregnancy since your tests are negative.  It might be that you simply didn't ovulate this cycle and are therefore not having your period.  The other possibility is that you have developed a cyst on your ovary that is producing hormones and preventing your period.  You could ask your doctor for a medication called Provera which will bring on your period.  Or plain natural progesterone which will not harm a fetus if you are pregnant and the tests are just delayed.  You could also ask your doctor for a blood pregnancy test.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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