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MC n D&C

I have recently gone through a natural miscarriage. my LMD was 2nd Oct and i checked on homekit o 5th Nov and the test was positive, but the next day I started bleeding. We rushed to the hospital where Beta HCG test was done and they confirmed my pregnancy.
However the Blood count was not doubling every 48hrs ( 80- 139  hcg count), it was increasing but not doubling. We got an ultrasound done and nothing could be seen as docs suspecting it to be a Late Conception case.  After 2 weeks the blood count started declining and Docs suggested DnC .

I have been bleeding ever since and now spotting on dry blood is there. I feel bloated after the DnC .

Please confirm is this normal-
I feel bloated
Burning of Abdomen
Back Pain
Not able to get sleep as not able to sleep on either sides or back.

Please suugest advise as all this is really troubling me and am gong through a lot of trauma.
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If you were my patient, I would want to bring you in for a blood pregnancy test and ultrasound.  I would like to know if the blood test had reached zero. If not I would be concerned about a possible tubal pregnancy that might be causing your pain.  An ultrasound should be able to demonstrate a tubal pregnancy if the pregnancy hormone level is above 2000.  If they did pathology on the miscarriage specimen, they should have been able to find evidence that the pregnancy was in the uterus.  I would also want to rule out retained products of conception--in other words, make sure that the uterus was clean and not infected.
Good luck!
Dr B

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