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Mid Cycle Spotting

I spotted for the first time in between my period when I was 30 yrs old then the spotting have happened once a year after that. I have had my period every 34 days when spotting occurs it is anywhere from day 14-18 of my menstral cycle. When I was mid 30's the spotting happened a few times a year, when I hit my 40's it was anywhere from 5-7 times a year. I am now 44 and find this happens more often. It is always on one of the mid cycle days day 14-18.  When I turned 41 I had the scariest one, it wasn't horrific but, it scared me so I went to the Dr. He did a (pap pelvic) everything came back normal. I followed up the next day with lab work. All the blood work looked good too! My FSH at age 41 shows like this, maybe you can explain it to me.
Follicular: 1.4-11.4 mIU/ml
Ovulatory: 5.1-34.2 "        "
Luteal: 1.1-8.4 "               "
Postmenopausal: 27.6-132.99"      "
The lab report prior page reads:
Follicular 27-202 PG/ML
Midcycle: 50-480 PG/ML
Luteal: 33-221 PG/ML
Postmenopausal <55 PG/ML
my question is " is this perimenopause or spotting from ovulation? When I do spot I do and always have had pain in my lower area front and back, I am grouchy lately with it and cry at the drop of a hat. Can you help me figure this one out? My periods are now ranging from 33-40 days apart. I will give you a little more cycle history; Sept 6 2007 I started my period which is never heavy it last 6 days with the last 2 days being next to nothing, No spotting in Sept, then comes Oct My period started Oct 08 day which was 33 day cycle last day was Oct 13 being day 6, no spotting in Oct either then comes Nov 12 day 37 I spotted brown nov 13,14,15,Then day 40 Nov 16 2007 I started my period which ended day 6 on Nov 21. On Nov 29 (day 14) I spotted after getting off the treadmill exercising, by the way the spotting only shows up when I wipe usually bright red through clear discharge, SORRY then the next day I will notice its brown, never BLEEDING only spotting!  please advise!
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To help sort this out your physician should evaluate you for other causes of irregular menstrual bleeding.  This would include checking a thyroid hormone (TSH), making sure you're not pregnant, performing an endometrial biopsy to assess for abnormal endometrial tissue, and evaluating the inside of the uterus for polyps.

Based on the results of such a work up your physician can help narrow down the possible causes.  Mid-cycle spotting is not all that common but is a well described phenomenon.  And certainly irregular bleeding from anovulation associated with the perimenopause is common.

Regarding the lab values, I believe you have misread the report.  The values you note are simply the ranges of normal for any woman.  That said, checking labs to assess for the peri-menopause is essentially useless as there is no value that suggest the perimenopause (as opposed to confirming menopause).

I suggest you follow up with your ob/gyn to discuss these concerns.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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I'm definitely NOT pregnant! I had that test already. I am just a little concerned and wondered if you could give me some sort of relief with the info given. I obviously do not know how to read the lab results they are on my paperwork just not a lab reader I guess. I just want to know if this sounds like Perimenopause to you? I hate to say this but, I do not like to go to Dr.s seems they pry and dig and put you off for 2 wks for results, I can't handle that. My last Dr. told me it completely sounded hormonal I have no sign of fibriods etc. Do you care to elaborate a little more. When you mention biopsy I cringe at the thought.
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OK, I'm only 33.  I have the same concern.  My TSH was off a little but was told it was insignificant,   I don't think I'm going thru menopause. I've had pelvic ultrasounds, ultrasounds, blood work, etc.....all normal.  My OB-GYNE told me don't worry it happens.....Well it never happened until a year after I had my son.  When they did the pelvic they tapped each ovary with the wand and as usual my left ovary hurt like hell and I was told they didn't know why.  Everytime I get exams the OB says for some reason my left ovary is always a bit swollen.  HHMMMM!!  OH and I have HMO so I'm always brushed off.  They always suggest tests etc... but for some reason I never end up with a referral or I get the run arounf.   For years I've gone thru this and would like some help.  I'd like to have another baby too.  I've been off birth control since my son (now 5) was born.  How am I supposed to get freaky and get to business if it seems I'm always on the rag or spotting.

P.S.  Another unusual thing, only recently every exam I have I'm always asked if I have my period, I respond NO why, then I see bright red on the table and I'll bleed and cramp after the eXam, I'm always assured not to worry....not being happy with this answer I then switched Docs only to have it continue to happen.  :(  Please help.  
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What you mention I do not have. So when you say "you have the same thing" I am not sure what that is? First I have never had children, I have never hurt when an ovary was touched, I have never bleed after an exam. Can you be more specific. I know it is really hard to convey what your system is doing. Trust me. I am definitely not a Dr. but I feel for you. Life is rough at times. I only spot in between my period and it is just that a spot or two. I never had to wear a pad it only happens when I wipe. It definitely comes from the vaginal area. It is very important to know where it is coming from. I also ask Dr. Machelle on this same site and his answer was much more clear. You may try him, if you are not satisfied with the answer another Dr. gives you. Some are very shy about making us comfortable, by all means not thorough! I didn't find this with Dr. Machelle. Look him up and read his response to the questions asked. He never tries to scare you and make you THINK you have a terminal disease. Hope this helps, post more info on your systems!
Thank you!
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Sorry I just thought about getting back on this site to see if you respond and noticed what I typed in the last sentence; it should read; post more info on your symptoms! Another thing I forgot to mention, when I do spot it is mid cycle I seem to always have slight cramping after the spotting I have my cycle every 34-37 days mid cycle for me is day 14-18 (which are 1 to sometimes 3 days I spot only when I wipe. Just like when you ovulate the extra discharge is streaked with bright red blood  then the next time it may be brown, but always brown the following day, only when I wipe. I do know quite a few people that spot in between there periods and they were told it was due to ovulation. At my age and the frequency of it now, I wanted to know if it is Perimenopause? I have also heard women say that have gone through menopause when they were in Perimenopause they did the same thing but had other symptoms like night sweats, never had them. I have woke during the night really hot. Never broke out in a full sweat. But my tummy was really HOT to the touch! I also have terrible mood swings, extremely impatient, Lord help my husband!
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I looked up mid cycle spotting and found your article. I am 47 and have been told I am perimenopause. For the last two days I have had spotting when I first get up in the morning. After that none the rest of the day. I had this last year around this time. It lasted a few months. It made me go and have a pap. That was normal. They did find I have thyroid. I have been on meds since then. My period has been real irregular this year. I had been having them every 24-28 days. Then in the fall I went 40 days and then 50. I then went back to 26 days. I was hoping I was going to get longer. I noticed when I didn't get it I got real bloated feeling and moody. I had a pain in my right side all night that went from front to back and then the blood this morning. Do you think it is normal. We kind of sound the same. I also hate going to drs. It hasn't been a year yet since I went. If you have anymore news let me know. Or if a dr. reads this let me know if this is normal for my age. Thank you. Liz
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Hi Liz,
Hopefully a Dr. will respond for you. Do I think what you have is Normal? Don't know... As you can see being on this site, we seem fairly normal. But, when you ask a dr. they want you to have a endo biopsy. No thanks.
I do have a terrific Dr. I can call and he personally returns my calls and he answers my questions for me. I am sure he wouldn't discuss this with anyone but a patient. This Dr. always tells me (keep in mind he has checked me on several occassions blood test pap pelvic) tests come back completely normal.
This dr.s theory is I am in Perimenopause, he ask if I had other symptoms but I don't other then the normal peri stuff; spotting between periods only when I wipe, never a need for a pad, I also have cramping that sometimes goes to my back. My breast always start getting sore after the spotting, so dr. says it is definitely hormonal. Keep in mind you can be in peri 10-12 years before meno. I have only the spotting mood swings sweet cravings crampy, short fused, etc, but NEVER had a hot flash. So I am not the norm either. Do you spot spontaneously or mid cycle? The dr. told me to chart when I spot and it is always on one of the mid cycle "for me" days which are 14-18. Post more info and be very blunt so we can help each other
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