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PCOS or Yeast Infection

Hi. Dr. B
In your previous comment you wrote about PCOS. I Googled it.
The symptoms are very to similar to what I'm feeling.
Along with irregular periods and obesity. I have thinner hair and hair fall. My Body is quite hairy, making it look like male. Facial hair, upper lip and the area between ear & cheek looks like mustache and beard.
And despite numbness in vagina, i feel sexually aroused all the time.
Dr. B, you mentioned yeast infection. A few months back my mother (49) had it. She had her treatment. Its said to be genetic. So i may also be having it.
There was also mention of diabetes, cholesterol. My father (54) is diabetic patient for years now. Diabetes has run in my fathers family for years long time.

So how should i go about my health now? And does PCOS or yeast infection indicate that, its sexually transmitted? And would it be revealed that I'm no longer a virgin, to my family?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that one of the best things you could do for PCOS is to start birth control.  It helps with almost all the symptoms.  I would not prescribe it for "contraception"  but only for PCOS
Your family need not know anything that you prefer to keep to yourself.
Your doctor should also do some testing for metabolic syndrome.  The tests should include a hemglobin A1C, Lipid panel, fasting blood sugar, testosterone level, 17 hydroxyprogesterone acetate level, DHEAS level,
Chemistry panel and CBC.  For yeast I like to  use Diflucan.  It is NOT sexually transmitted and you could speak freely with your family about it and reassure them that it is not!
Good luck!
Dr B
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